Academic Subjects

Academic Curriculum at Queen Ethelburga’s

Choose an academic pathway that helps you excel. 

Our goal is to assist you in developing skills essential for lifelong learning and future success. Regardless of whether you opt to attend the Faculty or the College, you will approach learning with motivation, organization, and independence. Additionally, you will strive for digital competence, become a confident communicator, and master effective collaboration techniques.

"Leaders are alert to ways in which both the curriculum and teaching can be improved. For example, the school day has been restructured to give additional teaching time to pupils on GCSE and A Level courses. This has enabled pupils to acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of some topics and has improved their progress."


Senior school pupil working in class at Queen Ethelburga's

Learning to suit the individual.
The Two Senior Pathways

As a larger Collegiate, we offer a wide selection of subjects and pathways to help you achieve academic excellence. The two senior schools mean we can be more flexible with your timetable and offer additional opportunities, such as the Performance Sports Programme or Super-Curricular activities. 

Choosing Your Options

For Age 14 to 16 study, you will have the option to study a range of subjects and it is recommended that you select a broad and balanced curriculum that supports your future choices. Except for English, Mathematics, Science, and Languages, most career paths do not require you to have studied a particular subject in Key Stage 4. Rather, employers are generally more interested in grades achieved and enthusiasm for learning.

This is where our talented leadership and careers teams will help you. You will be guided to select subjects in which you will succeed. Our guidance prioritises enjoyment, recognising that you'll excel in subjects you love.

Outside Of The Curriculum

The university market is even more competitive than ever, and so, we encourage you to set yourself apart from your peers by participating in one of our hundred extra-curricular activities. 

In addition to creative and performing arts, recreational and competitive sports, and enriching activities (such as QE Motorsport), you can enter national award schemes and external qualifications. You can also take on student leadership roles or represent the Collegiate in fixtures or performances.

If you are interested in researching and presenting on a topic of your choice, you can undertake an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) to help bolster your personal statement and academic interviews.

We also offer a broad itinerary of workshops and lectures on life skills, from building effective study habits and coping with exam stress to managing finances at university.  One of our most effective initiatives is The QE Study Toolkit which prepares you for lifelong learning through teaching the most effective methods for study and revision. 

Finally, we regularly welcome alumni, professionals, entrepreneurs and changemakers to educate and inspire students through seminars and workshops. 

Discover The Range of Subject Available At Queen Ethelburga's

  • English IGCSE
  • Mathematics GCSE
  • Further Mathematics GCSE
  • Single Award Science IGCSE
  • Double Award Science IGCSE
  • Biology IGCSE
  • Chemistry IGCSE
  • Physics IGCSE
  • Statistics GCSE
  • Business GCSE
  • Computer Science GCSE
  • Economics GCSE
  • Geography GCSE
  • German IGCSE
  • Global Perspectives IGCSE
  • History GCSE
  • Psychology GCSE
  • Spanish IGCSE
  • 3D Design GCSE
  • Art, Craft and Design GCSE
  • Dance GCSE
  • Drama GCSE
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE
  • Graphic Communication GCSE
  • Music GCSE
  • Photography GCSE
  • Physical Education GCSE
BTEC Subjects
  • Enterprise & Marketing 
    • OCR Level 2 Cambridge National
  • Esports
    • Pearson BTEC Level 2 Award
    • Level 3 National Extended Certificate
  • Creative Digital Media Production
    • Pearson BTEC Level 2
  • Music 
    • Pearson Level 1
    • Level 2 Tech Award
    • Level 3 National Foundation Diploma/Extended Diploma
  • Sport
    • Pearson Level 1
    • Level 2 Tech Award
    • Level 3 National Extended Certificate/Diploma
  • Applied Science
    • Pearson Level 3 National Extended Certificate
  • Business 
    • Pearson Level 3 National Extended Certificate/Level 3 National Diploma
  • Computing
    • Pearson Level 3 National Extended Certificate
  • Marketing
    • Pearson Level 3 National Extended Certificate
  • Applied Law
    • Pearson Level 3 National Extended Certificate
  • Art and Design Practice
    • Pearson Level 3 National 540 Diploma/Extended Diploma
  • Creative Media Practice
    • Pearson Level 3 National 540 Diploma/Extended Diploma
  • Performing Arts Practice
    • Pearson Level 3 National Foundation Diploma/Extended Diploma
A Level Subjects
  • Biology AS/A Level
  • Chemistry AS/A Level
  • Physics AS/A Level
  • Mathematics AS/A Level
  • Further Mathematics AS/A Level
  • Statistics A Level
  • Business AS/A Level
  • Computer Science AS/A Level
  • Economics AS/A Level
  • English Language AS/A Level
  • Literature in English AS/A Level
  • French AS/A Level
  • Geography AS/A Level
  • German AS/A Level
  • History AS/A Level
  • Law AS/A Level
  • Psychology AS/A Level
  • Spanish AS/A Level
  • 3D Design A Level
  • Art, Craft and Design A Level
  • Fashion/Textiles A Level
  • Music AS/A Level
  • Photography A Level
  • Physical Education A Level