Law at Queen Ethelburga’s

At Queen Ethelburga’s, you can study Law in Sixth Form as either a BTEC or A Level, depending on which school you choose to attend.

In addition to studying Law as a formal course, you may like to attend the Introduction to Law Super-Curricular activity after school.

Students have left Queen Ethelburga’s to study Law at King’s College London, University of Warwick, University of Manchester, Newcastle University and University of Sheffield.

100% A* - B grades in A Level Law in 2023.

Senior school pupils studying law at Queen Ethelburga's

Study Law as a BTEC or A Level at Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate.
Learn About Law Outside Of Lessons

If you are interested in Law but don’t want to take it as a subject, or you want to enhance your subject knowledge, you can take an Introduction to Law after school.

The Super-Curricular activity will give you valuable insights into the legal system and develop your reasoning and analytical skills through engaging discussions, online courses, and problem-solving activities.

Law A Level – QE College

Become aware of the relevance and role of the law in real-world situations by learning to apply legal concepts, principles and rules to a range of situations. The course covers the structure and operation of the English legal system, criminal law, property offences, sentencing, contract law and law of tort.

"Law is a subject that entertains as well as educates - it’s very exposing in regards to human behaviour and relationships. The teachers are lovely and make classes very immersive. I come to lessons genuinely interested in what I’m going to learn, rather than focusing on passing an exam.”

The Faculty of Queen Ethelburga's Applied Law BTEC lesson.Applied Law BTEC – QE Faculty

Applied Law has been developed in consultation with employers to teach you the relevance and role of the law in real-world situations. The topics in Applied Law include dispute solving in civil law, investigating aspects of criminal law and the legal system, applying the law and contract law.