Wellbeing for Senior Schools

You are always welcome to visit the Pastoral Centre to chat with staff and receive support from our specialist Wellbeing Team.

From the moment you arrive at Queen Ethelburga’s, the Team is ready to support you, whether you are anxious about studying and examinations, or are an international student with culture shock needing help to settle in.

Two students revising as part of the QE Study Toolkit.

Staff work as one team at Faculty and College to support your child’s wellbeing.
Practise Mindfulness Between Lessons

The Pastoral Centre is a calm and welcoming environment where you can take a break from your studies or get involved in wellbeing activities during lunch or after-school.

Activities include Chat & Craft, International Club, Study Support, Relaxation Yoga and Tea & Talk. Alternatively, the team are always on hand to listen to you over a nice, warm drink.

Be Part Of A Wider Community

It’s not the case that you come to Queen Ethelburga’s and are expected to fit in. At Queen Ethelburga’s we fit around you.

Join one of our many councils and groups where you can make your voice heard and have a positive impact on the school. Student Voice Committee, Faculty Action Group, School Council, Food Council or Anti-Bullying Council are just a few that are on offer.

Or, you could also make an impact with a more personal approach by becoming a Mentor, an Ambassador, or running a Wellbeing session for younger students.

Equity Ambassadors as part of wellbeing at Queen Ethelburga's.
QE's Equity Ambassadors for 2024/2025. The students work to improve equality, diversity and inclusion at the school.

Listen to our 2022/2023 Prefects as they share their experiences and achievements with the 2023/2024 Prefect Team, outlining their responsibilities and insights.

Take The Time To Reflect On Wellbeing

There are six Whole School Awareness Weeks throughout the school year for all students to reflect on key issues surrounding mental health and self-esteem. These Awareness Weeks include digital wellbeing, anti-bullying, wellbeing, equality, spirituality and culture. Each week includes assemblies with guest speakers and the opportunity to run workshops for King’s Magna and Chapter House.

"Leaders foster positive relationships between pupils and staff and amongst pupils, characterised by mutual respect. Pupils feel they are part of a community."