Reading at Chapter House

Reading is championed for children of all ages.

Time is made every day to enjoy sharing a book together, and each class has a specific time to visit the Chapter House library. Your child can borrow a book from the library to take home to share with the family. We ask that all reading is logged in the reading journal to document progress.

Whole School Reading Projects

All through the school, books provide inspiration for imaginative project work. All age groups from nursery upwards complete mini projects which are then shared with the rest of the school in an assembly. In Early Years Foundation Stage, children are encouraged to dress up for World Book Day. In later years, your child will also be encouraged to create a diorama (three-dimensional models of a scene with characters), or dress up and act out a popular book, such as ‘That’s Not My Stick’ and ‘The Naughty Bus’.

Chapter House pupil reading to Indy, Queen Ethelburga's reading dog

Children can get involved in whole school reading projects, read to Indy, QE’s reading dog, and become a librarian.
Meet Our Reading Dog

Say hello (or ‘woof’) to our reading dog, Indy. He is a hard worker at Chapter House and helps many children to build their confidence as readers become more animated and expressive.

Indy helps even the most reluctant readers by being a cuddly, fluffy non-judgemental listener. The children find they are reading purely for pleasure with no one pointing out mistakes or questioning them on the text. One Year One child’s reading age even improved by two years over one term with the help of Indy!

Encouraging Peers To Read

Year 5 students are eager to become librarians, recommending books to their peers, creating displays in the library and sharing books with younger pupils.

I was a librarian in Year 5 in Chapter House. We encouraged children to read different styles of books that they hadn’t read before, and we put new books on display so they could have a chance to explore them. It was a great opportunity when I was given the role of a librarian, and I learned so many lessons from it.

Daphne, Year 6

I enjoyed being a librarian as I helped some children learn to read. I was responsible for helping to tidy the library and I loved being in there. Sometimes I was allowed to stamp new books, which was hard work, but I enjoyed doing it.

Jack, Year 6