Key Stage Four

Key Stage 4 at QE Faculty

Embark on a journey that is tailored to your strengths.

At QE Faculty, you have the choice of 30 GCSE and BTEC courses alongside a broad selection of co-curricular opportunities to enhance your learning.

Every student studies English Language, Mathematics and Science, Physical Education, and Personal Development every week. One hour each week is dedicated to an interest outside of the curriculum. Specialist Sports and Arts programmes are available.

QE Faculty student in assembly

The flexibility to choose a wide range of traditional and vocational courses.
Transitioning From Key Stage 4 To Key Stage 5

QE Faculty staff meet with Year 11 as early as January to discuss the subjects and careers students may wish to pursue. In February, Queen Ethelburga’s hosts an Options Convention to learn more about Key Stage 5 and the new subjects that are available in Sixth Form. The school also hosts a Careers Fair offering face-to-face access to employers and university representatives, designed to inform students on the routes available to them once they leave school.

Career guidance is a priority when students decide their options. Students can book individual meetings with the Careers Department to seek advice on higher education, apprenticeships, and employment. 

Before the GCSE examinations, students choose provisional subject choices that are then reviewed following results to ensure students and staff feel confident with their subject choice.



Develop your skills in communicating, assimilating, and inferring information. 

All students study IGCSE English Language and have the option to study IGCSE Literature in English or English as an Additional Language.

Maths is diverse, engaging, and essential in equipping you with the right skills to fulfil your ambitions. All students study GCSE Mathematics with the option to complete Further Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.
Science provides the foundation for understanding the material world. All students study the Double Award IGCSE Science with the option to study Single Award Science IGCSE or Biology, Chemistry and Physics separately.
Statistics is a subject that relates easily to an abundance of real-life examples and which has broad applications in a wide variety of fields.
If you see yourself on Dragon’s Den and believe you have ‘the next best thing’ then Business GCSE will give you the step-by-step guide to setting up a business, good commercial practice and decision making. 
Computer Science
Growing up in a fast-paced digital world, a grasp of digital technology is invaluable for every field of work. Computer Science gives you the foundations to excel in all things digital.
Enterprise and Marketing
Boost your employability by learning how to set up a small business, design a business proposal and market a business proposal.
Esports provides a greater understanding of organised competitive video gaming, one of the fastest-growing global industries with more than 30 million viewers and thousands of players. 
Remove the language barrier to our neighbouring country and learn more about France’s culture. 
Choosing to study Spanish opens the door to communicating with 400 million native Spanish speakers across the world. 
Knowledge of German increases job opportunities with German and foreign companies and is the second most important language in the world of Science and Engineering.
Delve into the history of Britain and the wider world by evaluating sources of evidence about the past and questioning what is reliable.
Geography teaches you to address the big questions that affect our world and to understand the social, economic, physical forces and processes which shape and change it.
Investigate how different biological, cognitive, and social factors shape human behaviour.
3D Design
3D Design is a creative approach to Design and Technology where you can develop your design and production skills in product design, jewellery, architecture, interior design, sculpture, and model making.
Art, Craft and Design
Experiment with a wide range of media, materials, and processes. You will try traditional and contemporary techniques from fine art painting, printmaking, craft and illustration to digital drawing and design.
Graphic Communication
Understand and practise how to create visual material to convey information, ideas, meaning and emotions in response to a brief.

Underpinned by the study of different dance styles choreographed and performed in the UK today, you will develop performance and choreography skills as a soloist and in a group.

An exciting and highly practical course for you to develop your love for drama, the theatre and performance.
Food Preparation and Nutrition 
Practise practical cooking skills and develop an understanding between diet, nutrition and health. A must-do course for anyone interested in hospitality or health and fitness.
 A hands-on practical course that provides an insight into working in the exciting and competitive music industry.
Using a creative approach that goes beyond the classroom, observe and record ideas that are then selected and manipulated using a range of techniques and processes to make the most of modern and traditional methods. 
Creative Digital Media Production
Develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment using QE’s brand-new suite of digital media computers.
Physical Education
Understand how using science can improve physical performance by studying how the body works, sports psychology and following a personal exercise programme. 
A vocational qualification with more practical opportunities including planning and delivering sessions, analysis of performance and sports leadership. 

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