Personal Development

Personal Development at Chapter House

At Chapter House, Personal Development is a weekly, one-hour lesson that covers children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural progression.

Lessons focus on topics like relationships, health education, religion, citizenship and developing children’s self-esteem and self-awareness.

Promoting The Personal Development Of Students

Personal Development is promoted in form times, assemblies and workshops run by guest speakers. Lessons begin in Year One when we look at what makes a model school student, how to make friends and also explore different religions.

As children progress through school, discussions advance on to topics such as being yourself, religious study and having a positive involvement in the community.

Chapter House pupils volunteering at a food bank

A one-hour weekly lesson that focuses on children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural progression.
Quick Overview
  • Year One: how to make friends and be a good studen
  • Year Two: learning how to keep themselves safe
  • Year Three: learning about their body and how to use money
  • Year Four: introducing puberty and staying safe online
  • Year Five: continue learning about money, the body and how to be a good citizen

Encouraging Involvement In The Community

Chapter House staff encourage children to create a welcoming atmosphere for new starters and their fellow pupils. Many children volunteer to be Playground Buddies to help younger pupils make new friends or join the School Council where they can contribute to wider school discussions.

We also take part in a number of traditional events which allow children to contribute positively to the local community. As part of the Harvest Festival, Chapter House students collect food donations and raise money to buy food from a local supermarket to donate to the York Food Bank. At Christmas and Easter, the whole Collegiate collects toy donations and chocolate eggs to donate to local children’s charities.

Challenging Discrimination And Bullying

Queen Ethelburga’s has six awareness weeks in the year to focus attention on important social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues. These awareness weeks cover topics like bullying, with Odd Socks Day as part of Anti-Bullying Week, or celebrating diversity with Cultural Awareness Week.

Young Chapter House pupil in class