Key Stage Three

Key Stage Three at King’s Magna

Key Stage Three opens doors to a whole new world of opportunity as students are given access to a broad array of fascinating new subjects and activities to explore.

Lessons are held across the school grounds allowing access to specialist facilities like CAD machines in Design Technology and a dark room for Photography, opening students’ eyes to a wealth of options and potentially, new passions.

Follow A Curriculum You Love

As students' progress through the school, getting a taste for new subjects, more choices open to them, allowing more time to focus on the subjects and activities they love.

All students select two hours of lessons each term to try different academic, creative, performing, and sporting activities.

  • In Year 7, they choose a language from French, German, Spanish and Mandarin
  • In Year 8, students can learn Home Economics with a professional chef
  • In Year 9, additional optional subjects include Business Studies, Photography, Art, Geography, History and Music

A Key Stage 3 King's Magna student celebrating her competitive swimming success

A broad curriculum with a wide choice of new subjects and activities to explore.
Over Three Hours of Sports Each Week

Staying active is important and there are sports activities for every age and ability with plenty of time during the week to play, train and get involved. Students have access to the gym, swimming pool, exercise classes, team training, clubs and individual coaching outside of lessons.

An additional two hours of sports (on top of the three hours of PE lessons) is also available as part of the Curriculum Enrichment Programme.

Specialist Personal Development Lessons

Key Stage Three includes specialist teaching of the Personal Development curriculum. These lessons cover personal, social, health, relationships, sex, religious, economic and careers education.

The programme is supported by Collegiate-wide initiatives such as Healthy Lifestyles Week, Digital Awareness Week.

Inspiring Field Trips

With some inspirational venues at easy reach, there are plenty of trips on offer, for example to Robin Hood’s Bay, Theatre Trips, Royal Armouries, Harewood House, Malham and Thackray Medical Museum to name a few.

Those keen to venture further afield, may join older students to take part in residential trips to go skiing, diving, to compete in a sport or to even see the Northern Lights.

Introduction to Key Stage Four

In Year 9, students are introduced to a timetable and curriculum similar to Key Stage Four in QE College and QE Faculty. Students choose four optional subjects that fall under the same categories as Key Stage Four: People & Places, Digital & Commerce and Creative & Physical. These options are flexible, with the choice for students to try out and change to ones they most enjoy.

Lessons are taught at GCSE level and assessment reflects GCSE grade bands (1-9 scoring).