Boarding Key Stage Two

Boarding For Students In Key Stage Two

Give your child the full experience at Queen Ethelburga’s by choosing to board.

Students between the Years 3 to 6 have a dedicated boarding space with facilities designed for younger children. The wardrobes and cupboards are placed lower down to be easily accessible and tables and chairs are smaller. The boarding house even has a bath for children who may not be ready to use showers.

Fun activities are available for boarding pupils at Queen Ethelburga's

A huge range of activities are on offer in the evenings and at weekends for boarders at Queen Ethelburga's.
Staff Dedicated To Caring For Younger Children

Your child will be looked after by a team of supportive staff who are skilled at helping to make boarding feel like home. You have the option for a House Parent to read your child a bedtime story and tuck them in at night.

There are also a whole range of activities for your son or daughter to get stuck into after-school or at the weekend. Test

The House Keeping team will wash your child’s clothes daily and clean the bedsheets weekly. The bedding pattern/colours will change weekly, or you can provide your own bedding to make your child feel like they are at home.

Secure And Safe Campus

Every student at Queen Ethelburga’s boards onsite and Chapter House students are within a short walking distance of their school. The campus is secluded within the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside and has 24/7 security so you can be rest assured your child is safe and sound. Years 3 to 5 are escorted to Chapter House and other facilities around campus as Queen Ethelburga’s is a large campus that hosts students from 3 months to 19 years.

Queen Ethelburga’s also has an onsite medical centre to care for any children requiring medication or who feel unwell.

Teaching Your Child To Be Independent

Our House Parents will encourage your child to be independent and teach them the necessary skills needed to get ready for school in the morning. House Parents teach children how to tie shoelaces and ties, fasten top buttons, make beds and brush or style hair. In older year groups, students are taught how to wash clothes, cook healthy meals, and polish shoes.

Access To All School Facilities

By far the best benefit of boarding is having access to all the school facilities outside of the normal school day. Your child will have access to Muggles, QE’s activity centre and home to a cinema, climbing wall, game consoles and a fast-food café.

After school and at the weekend, your child can attend swimming sessions, buy snacks at the tuck shop and play sports on QE’s extensive playing fields.

Never A Moment Of Boredom

There are a huge range of activities on offer in the evenings and at weekends. These are run by our enthusiastic House Parents who tailor activities to students’ interests. Your child might try anything from baking or crafts to sports competitions.