Performance Sports Programme

Kickstart Your Sporting Career at Queen Ethelburga’s.

The Performance Sports Programme (PSP) offers a higher level of coaching beyond playing recreationally.

The programme is unique to the individual by offering a personalised learning syllabus to maximise sporting and physical development under the guidance of specialist coaching staff.

You will have full access to Queen Ethelburga’s Sports Village and Sports Science Centre where you can use the movement analysis testing and monitoring facility, together with equipment designed for assessing a broad range of health and safety indicators.

Health and fitness are a priority for pushing QE athletes to be the best they can be. The Performance Sports Programme provides rehabilitation and post-training recovery at our Sports Treatment Centre, where you have access to physiotherapy, soft tissue massage and strength and conditioning. You will also work with a nutritionist to teach you how to eat a healthy diet and aid your training.

basketball player at Queen Ethelburga's

Train at performance level for football, cricket, basketball, rugby or netball.
Performance Level Training

There are five sports you can train at performance level:

  • Football
  • Netball
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Rugby (Available to Years 10-13)

Student Success Stories

Jay McGrath

"QE helped me in so many ways, not only in my development as a football player, but also, the standard of teaching in the classroom allowed me to gain a first-class education.

Getting yourself the best education whilst still being involved in an elite sporting environment with two former professionals as your coaches is such a rarity. Mr Newey and Mr Bolland are two of the best coaches I have had the chance to work with. They dedicate so much of their time to getting the very best out of every athlete under their care.

QE has been key to me being offered a professional contract at Coventry City and the school not only developed me as a football player, but also as a person. My time at QE were some of the best years of my life, where I was so fortunate to make unbelievable friendships and memories to last a lifetime."

Harry Crawshaw

“The Performance Sports Programme gave me an opportunity to develop as an athlete, and a person, whilst doing my A Levels at QE.

Being a student athlete prepared me to become a Rookie at Durham Cricket and helped me gain the skills to be picked for England U19s. I wouldn’t be in the position I am now without QE.”

Latrell Davis

"QE helped me with my future as the coaching staff truly and deeply care about their players and their development and getting them to where they want to go. They would put in so much time and sacrifice a lot to help better your future. On and off the court you could always go to the coaching staff as they would act as a friend and a mentor and would help you with anything you were going through – it was the same with the teachers in QE.

This all helped me to mature and get better on and off the court and prepared me for the future and the level I am wanting to play at!

I truly enjoyed my experience at QE as the whole school is like a family with an amazing atmosphere and support at games. It’s just a whole entire school wanting the best for you and wishing for you to succeed and do well in life."

Jason Qareqare


Why Should You Choose The Performance Sports Programme?

  • Elite level coaching by former professional athletes and coaches
  • Train with students of a similar ability
  • Full access to world-class facilities
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitation via physiotherapy, soft tissue massage and strength and conditioning
  • Compete in UK and international competitions
  • Access to video analysis to enhance tactical understanding of individual and team performance
  • Understand sports psychology and receive nutritional advice
  • Pathways into professional sport, USA scholarships and top UK institutions

Is The Performance Sports Programme Right For You?

The Performance Sports Programme is unique to QE Faculty (with an introduction in King’s Magna) and is embedded within QE Faculty’s community. You will work closely with the Academic Team to ensure that your academic subjects are manageable and are balanced alongside your love for sport.

Each student who takes the Performance Sports Programme is expected to follow QE’s Hill Standard: “To be the best that I can be with the gifts that I have”. As such, student athletes are expected to push themselves academically and within their chosen sport. The team spirit runs throughout The Faculty’s ethos with many student athletes representing the school as reps, prefects, or in school councils. 

Those who apply for the programme are expected to have a passion for sport, be highly competitive and play (or wish to play) at county level.