UK Fees

UK School Fees

Termly fees for the academic year 2024/25 are set out below.

Please note that there are three terms in each academic year and that upon registration there is a non-refundable registration fee payable of £295.

For information on international boarding fees, please visit our International page.

School grounds at Queen Ethelburga's

We offer sibling discounts and a generous discount for forces families.
Sibling Discounts

Sibling discounts are offered with fee reductions of 5% for a second child in attendance, 20% for a third child and 35% for a fourth child and any subsequent children.

Please note: these discounts only apply to UK students and are capped at 5% for siblings in Kindergarten.

Forces Discounts

At QE, we offer a generous discount on fees for Forces children. If you are eligible for the CEA (Continuity of Education Allowance), the parental contribution is only £1,425 per term for 2024/2025.


Kindergarten (3 months to 3 years)

Time Day Fees
5 days £323
4.5 days £306
4 days £285
3.5 days £255
3 days £223
2.5 days £184
2 days £151
1.5 days £118
1 day £80
0.5 days £49
Late pick-up fee per 15 minutes £5


Time Day Fees
Mornings £1,775
3 days per week £1,945
Full time £2,605

Day & Boarding

School Term Day Fees TERM Boarding Fees
Chapter House (Reception – Year 5) £4,225 £11,875
King’s Magna (Year 6 – Year 9) £6,175 £12,355
The College & Faculty (Year 10 & Year 11) £6,745 £12,940
The College & Faculty (Pre A-Level, Year 12 & Year 13) £7,160 £13,420

Independent school fees are exempt from VAT, so we currently do not charge VAT on our fees and the fees shown on our website do not include VAT.  If that exemption is removed, we will charge VAT on our fees.  VAT will then be payable in addition to our fees at the same time as our fees are due for payment.  The amount of VAT will be clearly stated on our invoices. 

Providing the best education and experience at an accessible price for our families remains our top priority. We have already engaged with our advisors and the Independent Schools Bursar’s Association on this and will benefit from the findings of the various school associations to ensure that we can provide affordable options for parents. We are committed to exploring all possibilities to mitigate against any changes to keep independent school fees manageable for our families.