Moving To Year 10

The Next Steps In The Journey.

The King’s Magna journey ends with Year 9 when students prepare to choose from our two distinct senior school pathways for Years 10 to 13.

QE College and QE Faculty offer two different learning experiences to help students be the best they can with the gifts they have.

Staff from King’s Magna, College, Faculty and the Careers Department inform students of the courses available in each school and discuss the best option for each child.

Preparing Students For Key Stage 4

Teachers ease students into the GCSE syllabus by beginning to teach with GCSE level resources and according to the GCSE grading system (Levels 1-9). Year 9 students choose four optional subjects with the flexibility to change subjects if they prefer not to continue them at Key Stage Four. This means students can make informed decisions before making their final subject choice for examinations.

We believe that students do well in subjects they enjoy, so we encourage them to focus on the subjects they love, putting them in a better position for future success. The only subjects that are not optional are English, Maths and Science.

King's Magna pupil about to move on to Year 10

Two distinct senior school pathways for Years 10 to 13.
A Gradual Introduction To Year 10

After the Christmas holidays, Year 9 are prepared for the transition to senior school through assemblies and events run by King’s Magna, Faculty and College staff.

Assemblies include information on the two pathways, different courses available and the entry requirements to QE College.

Choosing The Right Pathway

Individual meetings take place later in the year where students can discuss and plan the pathway which is right for them. The Careers Department links students with the Morrisby career profiling programme to help students choose subjects that are tailored to their future career choice and skillset.

Students with a high attainment record who are in the top 40 percentile for the CAT4 test will be invited to apply for QE College – with the option to choose QE Faculty still available. Many students will choose to attend QE Faculty for its wider range of subjects and the Performance Sports Programme.

Celebrating The End of Key Stage Three

Above all else, moving from Year 9 to Year 10 is a really exciting stage in every student’s educational journey and one which we celebrate wholeheartedly. At the end of the year, all of Year 9 attend a leaver’s assembly to reminisce on the trips, memories and achievements of the year group. Also, everyone from King’s Magna and Chapter House attends Speech Day where Year 9 students receive subject specific awards to celebrate their work.

Finally, students are invited to attend a Summer Social to be as one year group before splitting into the two senior schools.