QE Study Toolkit

QE Study Toolkit

QE Study Toolkit is a recent initiative to support students from Year 6 to Year 13 to have a more consistent approach to revision.

The project began to close the gap in learning from over two years of disrupted learning due to the pandemic and drive forward study skills to prepare students for the reintroduction of examinations. 

Staff across the Collegiate identified a real need to support students and staff with the embedding of effective revision methods and study skills across all year groups, and that’s where Queen Ethelburga’s Study Toolkit project was born.

QE student engaged in revision

Queen Ethelburga’s Study Toolkit has been used as a case study published in the Chartered College of Teaching.
How QE Study Toolkit Will Help You

Revision begins at Year 6 to create a more consistent approach to revising by revisiting topics little by little.

Age-appropriate revision methods to revise any assessment or examination effectively. 

Methods are taught gradually to ensure techniques are understood and implemented before providing a new method.



What Queen Ethelburga’s Study Toolkit Has Achieved

The Study Toolkit has been hugely successful to date and staff have seen a tremendous improvement in the way in which students revise, their approach to examinations and assessments, and crucially, their wellbeing. 

Here are a few highlights:

  • Recruiting over 50 student revision ambassadors across King’s Magna, QE Faculty and QE College. Ambassadors visit form times, support tutors to introduce new methods and promote positive messages about revision
  • Revision toolkit booklet, a YouTube channel with TikTok style videos of methods made by our students and distributed around the school and during assemblies
  • Videos and support for parents and a weekly meeting to support house-parents with helping boarding students to revise
  • Revision has been embedded throughout schemes of work by academic staff and dedicated form times and assemblies on effective revision methods

Form tutors are our driving force behind the introduction of each method, and we couldn’t do it without them! Over 1000 students were reciting Shakespeare’s “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” during the first term of practising the Leitner method using flashcards.

I do it more consistently, every day rather than only before the exam.”

I used to think of revision as a chore and something that I didn’t enjoy doing, but now I feel as though I see the benefits of doing it and it helps to achieve good grades.”

Revision seemed like such a daunting task but now revising has turned into something that seems worth it and fun because of the methods.”