Key Stage Four

Key Stage 4 at QE College

Climb the steepest mountains and reap the greatest rewards.

At QE College, you are expected to excel academically. Students in Key Stage 4 are in the top 40 percentile in their CAT4 tests across mathematics, non-verbal and spatial skills. Courses are more intensive compared to QE Faculty as GCSEs are completed through one-year courses (besides Separate Sciences, completed over two years).

  • All students study English Language, Mathematics and Science
  • No other subject is compulsory; You have the freedom to choose the subjects you love
  • Fast-track GCSEs by taking one-year courses
  • Pick two options in Year 10 and the following two in Year 11
  • 1 hour of Personal Development and Physical Education every week
  • Enhance your knowledge of a subject by taking a subject-related activity outside of the curriculum

QE College student in class

QE College is here to help you become the best that you can be with the gifts that you have.
Transitioning From Key Stage 4 To Key Stage 5

It is unconventional to start so early but the transition process begins when students start at QE College in the Autumn Term of Year 10. QE College hosts an Employability Skills Day for Year 10 students to understand the next steps needed to achieve their future aspirations.

In Year 11, students attend an Options Convention to find out more about the subjects available in Key Stage 5, they also attend an options assembly. At QE College, students must achieve a grade 7 or above to continue studying a subject for A Level.


Develop your skills in communicating, assimilating, and inferring information. 
All students study IGCSE English Language and have the option to study IGCSE Literature in English or English as an Additional Language.
Maths is diverse, engaging, and essential in equipping you with the right skills to fulfil your ambitions. All students study GCSE Mathematics with the option to complete Further Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.
Science provides the foundation for understanding the material world. Students are expected to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate sciences but also have the option to study a Double Award IGCSE, or a Single Award Science IGCSE instead.
Statistics is a subject that relates easily to an abundance of real-life examples and which has broad applications in a wide variety of fields.
If you see yourself on Dragon’s Den and believe you have ‘the next best thing’ then Business GCSE will give you the step-by-step guide to setting up a business, good commercial practice and decision making. 
Computer Science
Growing up in a fast-paced digital world, a grasp of digital technology is invaluable for every field of work. Computer Science gives you the foundations to excel in all things digital.
Understand the roles of consumers, producers, and workers within the national and global markets.
Remove the language barrier to our neighbouring country and learn more about France’s culture. 
Knowledge of German increases job opportunities with German and foreign companies and is the second most important language in the world of Science and Engineering.
Geography teaches you to address the big questions that affect our world and to understand the social, economic, physical forces and processes which shape and change it.
Global Perspectives 
Discover a range of global issues and gain a real sense of your own place in the world as you reflect on current challenges.
Delve into the history of Britain and the wider world by evaluating sources of evidence about the past and questioning what is reliable.
Investigate the ways in which different biological, cognitive, and social factors shape human behaviour.
Choosing to study Spanish opens the door to communicating with 400 million native Spanish speakers across the world. 
3D Design
3D Design is a creative approach to Design and Technology where you can develop your design and production skills in product design, jewellery, architecture, interior design, sculpture, and model making.
Art, Craft and Design
Experiment with a wide range of media, materials, and processes. You will try traditional and contemporary techniques from fine art painting, printmaking, craft and illustration to digital drawing and design.

An exciting and highly practical course for you to develop your love for drama, the theatre and performance. 


A hands-on practical course that provides an insight into working in the exciting and competitive music industry.

If you would prefer to study Music BTEC, please visit QE Faculty’s Key Stage 4 options.

Using a creative approach that goes beyond the classroom, observe and record ideas that are then selected and manipulated using a range of techniques and processes to make the most of modern and traditional methods. 

Are you looking for a wider variety of courses, including the opportunity to take BTEC courses?

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