Business at Queen Ethelburga’s

Business is one of the most popular subjects at Queen Ethelburga’s with many students continuing their studies in the subjects at universities like UCL, King’s College London and University of Bath.

At Queen Ethelburga’s, there are plenty of opportunities for you to develop your entrepreneurial skills with enterprise challenges and a host of Super-Curricular activities to broaden your knowledge and experience.

Broaden Your Subject Knowledge

Outside of timetabled lessons, you can participate in various competitions and activities to build your personal statement or improve your business skills. Competitions include the Young Enterprise 10x Challenge, where students have four weeks to research, create and run their own business with a £10 pledge, or pitch a programme idea to a Channel 4 executive.

There are numerous Super-Curricular activities related to business and economics that run during lessons, lunch time and after-school depending on your school and year group. These activities include Critical Thinking, Economics Society, Introduction to Law and Journalism. Alternatively, you could challenge yourself with the Student Investor Challenge, Tycoon in Schools or complete a Young Leaders Award.

Business students in class

Study Computing as a GCSE, BTEC or A Level at Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate.
Have You Thought About Studying Esports?

Esports is a BTEC course that teaches you about the gaming industry and how to make money through video games.

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Key Stage Four

You can study Business, Economics or Statistics as a GCSE, or if you prefer to do a BTEC qualification, QE Faculty offer Enterprise and Marketing Level 2 Certificate.

Business GCSE

If you see yourself on Dragon’s Den and believe you have the ‘next best thing’ then this course will teach you step by step all you need to know about business structure, the law and decision making. 

Business GCSE helps you to develop an understanding of organisations, how they make their products and generate profit. The course involves case studies on how businesses are managed, how decisions are made and how businesses react to different circumstances.

Economics GCSE

Economics is a subject that is about people – what they spend, how they live and what affects their lives. Topics covered look at the local area, the country and the wider world. It is about the things that affect people now and in the future.

Economics GCSE will help you understand how markets operate and the role of consumers, producers or workers within markets. You will learn how the economy works nationally and globally and how governments reach their different objectives.

Statistics GCSE
Statistics is a subject which you can relate to easily with an abundance of real-life examples in an ever-changing world. With the opportunity to develop transferable skills through an appreciation of the statistical enquiry cycle, you gain an understanding of data analysis and the various ways of representing data to suit the end user.
Enterprise and Marketing Level 2 Certificate - New for 2024!
The Enterprise and Marketing BTEC is a three-unit vocational course that covers enterprise and marketing concepts and teaches you how to design, market and pitch a business proposal. 

Key Stage Five

You can study Business and Economics at Sixth Form, with a vast selection of related subjects across both QE College and QE Faculty.

Business A Level

If you are interested in how a business functions, its structure, how important decisions are made and, most importantly, how the world that we live in affects businesses success or failure, then you will enjoy this course. 

"Business has been a really enjoyable subject for me at A Level. I have found strategic analysis to be interesting; models such as SWOT and PESTLE have demonstrated how analysis of a business, and its decisions can improve its likelihood of success. Business studies is incredibly useful, because we live in a world surrounded by enterprises and anyone with advanced knowledge of how such enterprises function could gain an important advantage.”

Business BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate/Level 3 National Diploma
The Level 3 BTEC Business courses are two-year programmes designed to give you an effective understanding of the overall business environment. Compared to the A Level in Business (which is heavily essay based), the BTEC courses are predominantly vocational to help you develop research skills, teamwork, presentation skills and independent learning.
Economics A Level
Economics teaches you to think logically and to use theories to understand how economies operate. You will be taught methods used by economists and how to understand issues such as inflation, unemployment, pollution, demand and supply, exchange rates, interest rates, and the difficult decisions the UK Government face when they attempt to steer the economy.
Marketing BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate
The Marketing BTEC introduces you to the role of a marketer in a business, including the principles of marketing and how to communicate with customers. The course is fully mapped to the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing which is recognised by employers to support applications for apprenticeships or entering higher education.
Applied Law BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate
Applied Law helps you to become aware of the relevance and role of the law in real-world situations. The subject helps you to use relevant knowledge and understanding, analyse and learn to apply legal concepts, principles and rules to a range of situations, and communicate an argument through problem-solving and evaluative writing.
Law A Level
Studying Law helps you to use relevant knowledge and understanding, analyse and learn to apply legal concepts, principles and rules to a range of situations, and communicate an argument through problem-solving and evaluative writing.