Music at Queen Ethelburga’s

Become a star with music at Queen Ethelburga’s.

From rock bands to chamber choir, music at QE gives you the chance to practise, perform and study music, whether through individual lessons, Music GCSE, BTEC or A Level.

Key Stage Four

In Key Stage Four we offer Music as a GCSE or BTEC depending on which school you choose to attend. 

At QE College, GCSE Music broadens your knowledge and allows you to study a wide range of musical styles, tastes and genres. As part of the course, you will be assessed for performing, composing and appraising popular music, music for film and instrumental music.

At QE Faculty, we offer a BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Music Practice. You will be assessed through a range of performances, workshops, discussions, activities and examinations. The course focuses on development of music skills, effective ways of working, attitudes towards music and musical knowledge. 

Key Stage Five

If you are attending QE College, you can continue studying Music as an A Level. The course encompasses performance, listening and analysis, composition and elements of harmony.

Music A Level caters for a wide range of musicians. You can choose any instrument and/or voice to perform music in any style.

Likewise, you can study Music BTEC Level 3 Award at QE Faculty. The course will develop your musical performance and creation techniques while building your music industry knowledge. 

Senior school pupil at Qyeen Ethelburga's playing the saxophone

Study Music as a GCSE, BTEC or A Level at Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate.
ISA Young Musician of the Year

In 2023, three of our talented students won First Place, Second Place and a Judges’ Award at the ISA Young Musician of the Year.

The students had an enriching day at Warwick Arts Centre, where each had the privilege to perform on stage and listen to other musicians across the UK. 

Practise An Instrument Outside of Lessons

Improve your instrument playing and earn grades through individual peripatetic tuition. The music block lets you immerse yourself in your study with airy classrooms, a good selection of music practice rooms and even a sound recording studio.

If joining a group is more your thing, we have a rock band, numerous ensembles, the junior and senior chamber choirs and many concerts and performance opportunities throughout the school year. You could play in the orchestra or sing a solo in a school production, or perform at the School Birthday, Speech Day or Carol Concert. 

Feels Like Home – Team QE’s New Hit Single!

Last year, we released a music video with the help of number one music producers Billen Ted (Tom Hollings and Sam Brennan). The project involved Tom and Sam visiting the school for two days where they workshopped with a handful of students to write lyrics, create melodies and produce the song.

Everything you hear in the song was produced by our very own talented students: the melody, the singing, the instruments, the song title and the theme of the lyrics.

You may have heard the song as it was released on Capital FM as part of our advertising campaign.