Academic Learning

Academic Learning at King’s Magna.

At King’s Magna, students are given the time to enjoy new opportunities and discover new interests, passions and talents.

The curriculum allows pupils to explore a variety of subjects and activities so they can make informed choices about what to study at GCSE, BTEC and A Level.

"Most pupils exceed the expectations of their starting points."


King's Magna pupils in science class conducting an experiment

Year 6 and Key Stage 3 at Queen Ethelburga’s school for children in Year 6 to Year 9.
A Unique Curriculum

Join a school that champions a passion for learning and encourages students to try new experiences.

At the core of the curriculum are the fundamental subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science, which students learn almost daily. However, as students advance through their academic journey, they are empowered to take ownership of their learning by selecting subjects that resonate with their interests.

See below for the options available for each year group.

Year 6

From Year 6, we introduce pupils to specialist subject teaching for the creative arts, sport, languages, history, geography, computing and personal development. The core subjects of maths, English and science are taught by a class teacher and topic work brings all the subjects together, like learning in Chapter House.

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Key Stage Three

As pupils move into Year 7 they are beginning to focus on the subjects they most enjoy. They choose a new language to learn, two hours of timetabled lessons, and in Year 9 can choose four optional subjects. A whole new world opens on campus as students have access to all facilities, professional sport coaching and the chance to go on multiple trips abroad.

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"In King's Magna, leaders provide additional curricular opportunities, including modern foreign languages such as Mandarin. As a result, pupils' linguistic skills increase."