Social Science

Social Sciences at Queen Ethelburga’s

Psychology and Economics are both part of Queen Ethelburga’s Social Science provision.

Outside of lessons, you can take part in a variety of activities to help support your learning or to get a feel for subjects you may want to study at university.

Queen Ethelburga's Senior School pupils working in class

Study Psychology, Sociology or Economics at Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate.

Many go on to study Social Science subjects at universities like University College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Key Stage Four

At Key Stage Four, you can study Psychology at both of our Senior Schools or Economics at QE College. 

Psychology GCSE

Psychology GCSE investigates the ways in which different biological, cognitive and social factors contribute to shaping human behaviour. You will develop an understanding of psychological theories relating to a range of everyday experiences and will be able to evaluate supporting theories. 

Psychology is the most useful subject I take due to its application in real life. The subject is filled with riveting experiments, and I find myself thinking about research questions and variations of these studies in my free time. As an international student, this subject helps me understand western cultural values as well as my own culture.”

Economics GCSE

Economics is a subject that is about people – what they spend, how they live and what affects their lives. Topics covered relate to the local area, the nation and the wider world. It is about the things that affect people now and in the future.

Economics GCSE will help you to understand how markets operate and the role of consumers, producers or workers within markets. You will learn how the economy works nationally and globally and how governments reach their different objectives.

Key Stage Five

At Key Stage Five, A Level Psychology and Economics are offered at both QE College and QE Faculty.

Psychology A Level

You will apply psychological concepts and theory to help explain real world phenomena. You will be able to assess a range of theories and research studies covering areas such as cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, psychopathology and social psychology.

I chose Psychology because the course is very interesting and relates to every part of life, particularly topics like social influence. Learning how to understand people makes me more empathetic and allows me to put myself in someone else’s shoes. Studying A Level Psychology has led me to apply for a course in Psychology at university, all thanks to engaging and fascinating Psychology lessons at QE."

Economics A Level
Economics teaches you to think logically and to use theories to understand how economies operate. You will be taught methods used by economists and how to understand issues such as inflation, unemployment, pollution, demand and supply, exchange rates, interest rates, and the difficult decisions the UK Government face when they attempt to steer the economy.

Broaden Your Subject Knowledge

QE hosts a variety of after-school activities which offer an introduction to Social Sciences and help you to broaden your knowledge outside of the curriculum. You can choose between Critical Thinking, Economics Society, Introduction to Law, Philosophy, Psychology Club and Tea, Cake and Faith.