Key Stage Five

Key Stage 5 at QE College

Giving you the competitive edge.

QE College sets you on the path to a promising future. Throughout your time in Sixth Form, you will have access to a fantastic Careers Department who have extensive experience of helping students reach their chosen university.

Early Applicant Programme

The Early Applicant Programme supports students in Years 12 and 13 to apply early for Oxford or Cambridge, Medicine, Veterinary or Dentistry courses. Our specialist support begins during the last term of Year 12 and includes preparation for admissions tests, STEP exams and interviews.

QE College students with their personal tutor

QE College, one of the top independent schools for academic results in the country.
Expert Advice From Your Personal Supervisor

You will work directly with a Personal Supervisor to help you choose and apply to universities and to write your personal statement.

The Personal Supervisor is a senior member of staff who is available to provide support over Microsoft Teams and in-person throughout Year 13.

Enhance Your UCAS Application With The Many Opportunities Offered At QE College

Use your free periods to build on your subject knowledge with Super-Curricular activities, school and external competitions; spend a week gaining work experience, or take on a role of responsibility in (e.g., Prefect or School Ambassador).


At QE College, you are expected to take four A Levels and an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). In Year 12, you also have an additional option block dedicated to taking a Super-Curricular option to enhance your knowledge in your favourite subject.

Biology AS/A Level
Learn the details of genetics and DNA, how energy transfers and the role of organisms within their ecosystem. What better subject to study to understand the building blocks of life on Earth?  
Chemistry AS/A Level 
Physical, organic, and inorganic chemistry are the foundations of life. Chemistry A Level is a practical and relevant subject and is essential for anyone considering a degree in medicine.
Mathematics AS/A Level 
Learn pure mathematics, statistics, and mechanics as an A Level qualification. As technology continues to advance, so too does mathematics, increasing its essential role in both every day and corporate life.
Further Mathematics AS/A Level 
Study a broader range of pure and applied mathematics, such as logic, statistics, mechanics, and pure maths. If you choose to study Further Mathematics, you will need to complete A Level Mathematics as a one-year course in Year 12 and achieve an A to A* grade.
Physics AS/A Level
If you love Mathematics but prefer to see how it works in the real world, then Physics is for you! It is an essential subject if you are considering a career in engineering or technical design as it provides the knowledge and skills needed in understanding mechanics.  
Statistics A Level
Learn the techniques for understanding and analysing data with an emphasis on understanding the implications and limitations of the various statistical techniques in the context of practical situations. 
Business AS/A Level

Learn how a business functions, its structure, how important decisions are made and, most importantly, how the world that we live in affects business’ success or failure.

If you are interested in studying Business as a BTEC, please visit QE Faculty’s page. 

Computer Science AS/A Level
A practical subject where learners can apply the academic principles learned in the classroom to real world systems. An intensely creative subject that looks at the natural world through a digital prism.
Economics AS/A Level 
Studying Economics will help you understand issues such as inflation, unemployment, pollution, demand and supply, exchange rates, interest rates, and the difficult decisions the UK Government face when they steer the economy in a chosen direction.
English Language AS/A Level 
Learn the theories and concepts behind everyday language. English Language teaches you to understand how and why we speak the way we do.
English Literature AS/A Level 
Literature is the source of understanding and analysing culture, history and the way humans communicate. It is a facilitating subject that develops transferable skills in analysis, critical thinking, and writer/spoken communication.
French AS/A Level 
Learn French whilst studying France’s heritage, music, and cinema. A Level French brings the language to life and opens new opportunities to study or work abroad. 
Geography AS/A Level 
Understand the physical and human processes taking place in the world. Topics cover tectonic processes, coastal landscapes, globalisation, the water cycle, carbon cycle and migration. 
German AS/A Level 
Develop your German language skills by studying Germany’s culture, politics, and media. Proficiency in German opens new opportunities to work and study abroad. 
History AS/A Level
Learn about Tudor England, democracy and dictatorship in Germany, and civil rights in the USA. History develops critical and reflective thinking with an understanding of historical topics and issues.
Law AS/A Level
Focusing on the law of England and Wales, you will learn to apply legal concepts, principles and rules to a range of situations, and communicate an argument through problem-solving and evaluative writing.
Psychology AS/A Level 
Seek to understand why people behave in the ways they do. Psychology applies concepts and theories to explain real life phenomenon covering topics like cognitive, developmental, social psychology and psychopathology. 
Spanish AS/A Level 
Practise your Spanish speaking skills whilst studying Hispanic society. Spanish A Level covers political life, artistic culture and the contrast between modern and traditional society in Spain.
3D Design A Level 
Experiment with a range of 3D media, materials and processes exploring traditional and new media techniques. There is no AS course as all work is produced as a portfolio that is assessed at the end of Year 13.
Art, Craft and Design A Level 
An advanced art course to explore a range of 2D and 3D media, processes and techniques. Art, Craft and Design is a highly practical course with all work assessed in sketchbooks/portfolio work.
Fashion/Textiles A Level 
Use the dedicated textile and fashion studio to explore different textile design techniques and create fashion, textiles, costumes, or interiors. 
Music AS/A Level
Music encompasses performance, listening and analysis, composition, and elements of harmony. You can choose to study rock and pop, musical theatre, or jazz.
Photography A Level 
Study digital and traditional photography through a variety of creative techniques. Photography is a creative exploration into the world and the people in it through expression and perspective.

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