Super-Curricular at QE Faculty

Build your interests and talents through the Super-Curricular programme at QE Faculty.

The programme is designed to help strengthen your personal statement and prepare you for working in the real world.

The Super-Curricular programme is a range of activities to further enhance students’ subject knowledge and skills. The activities are timetabled as a one-hour slot in Faculty’s Key Stage 4 and 5 timetable. Students can also participate in a range of Super-Curricular activities after-school.

Queen Ethelburga's students learning first aid techniques

Dedicated Time for Improving Subject Skills.
Key Stage 4

At The Faculty of Queen Ethelburga’s, students have one-hour of Super-Curricular activities timetabled into their school week. Students can choose between enhancing their creative or physical skills, or team training for the Performance Sport Programme. 

For creative or physical activities, students can choose from: art, dance, music band, psychology, leadership pathway, advanced maths, recreational football and health-related fitness.

Key Stage 5

The activities continue into Key Stage 5 with greater provision for students to attend lectures from industry professionals and alumni guest speakers. Activities enhance subject knowledge in art, mathematics, engineering, medicine and veterinary.

Students are also encouraged to enter national competitions during their Super-Curricular period.

Push Yourself To Go Further

In conjunction with the timetabled Super-Curricular activities, Key Stage 5 students can join additional after-school activities.

After-school Super-Curricular activities include chess, CREST Award, critical thinking, debating, Economics Society, E-Sports, Introduction to Law, Journalism, Key Stage 4 Advanced Mathematics, Linguistics Club, Medicine and Veterinary, Philosophy, Psychology Club, School Newsletter, Student Investor Challenge, Tea, Cake and Faith, Tycoon in Schools and Young Leaders.

Queen Ethelburga's students dancing on stage