Personal Development

Personal Development at King’s Magna

At King’s Magna, Personal Development is a one-hour weekly lesson that teaches personal, social and health education.

The lessons build upon the curriculum in Chapter House and cover additional topics on career education and environmentalism.

Year Six

Following a similar curriculum to Chapter House’s Personal Development lessons, Year 6 students explore religion, relationships and health with the addition of careers education. Pupils discuss topics on friendship, how to deal with emotions, our responsibilities as citizens, future careers and puberty.

Key Stage Three

Personal Development in Key Stage Three aims to keep children safe outside of school, build self-esteem and promote active involvement in the community. Topics cover mental health, building resilience, body image, consent, puberty, environment, UK government and addiction.

Students in Key Stage 3 and 4 can also complete a one-day First Aid or Restart a Heart course that may be renewed each year.

Seasonal fundraising at King's Magna

A one-hour weekly lesson that focuses on personal, social and health education.
Helping The School And Local Community

King’s Magna pupils serve as keen ambassadors for the school, volunteering as tour guides for Open Mornings and speaking to visitors. Many pupils volunteer to be Peer Mentors, Prefects, Subject Ambassadors or to serve on the school council.

Every year, King’s Magna hosts charity events to fundraise for the school’s six chosen charities and donate toys for Christmas and chocolate eggs at Easter for local children’s charities.

Fighting Discrimination And Bullying

Throughout the school year, pupils participate in awareness weeks to focus attention on social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues. The Pastoral Team provides fun activities and whole school events, like Odd Socks Day for Anti-Bullying Awareness Week or Chinese New Year for Cultural Awareness Week.

King's Magna pupils with their Golden Tickets