Academic Curriculum

Academic Curriculum at QE Faculty

QE Faculty is a supportive environment that caters to the talents and aspirations of every student in its care.

The school’s broad offering is unrivalled, with BTECs, GCSEs and A Levels to help every student succeed with a choice of curriculum that plays to their strengths.

Choosing The Right Subjects For You

The adventure of learning is unique for everyone, so our staff are experts at helping you choose the route and the subjects that match your aspirations. We build individual skill profiles based on current academic performance and CAT4 scores to help our students choose a realistic programme for success.

At QE Faculty, no matter the path chosen, enjoying the learning journey is as important as the destination.

QE Faculty students celebrating their exam results

QE Faculty offers BTECs, GCSEs and A Levels to help every student succeed by creating a timetable that plays to their strengths.

Individual support to improve revision skills, organisation, time management or motivation. 

Progress Conversations

After each assessment form tutors and Heads of Year meet students to plan targets for improvement and discuss students’ strengths and weaknesses. 

Intervention Clinics

Heads of Department ensure students keep on track with tailored subject specific interventions and clinics as required.

Key Stage 4 at QE Faculty

Choosing QE Faculty offers you a wide playing field of options, designed to play to your strengths. Students can embark on a fulfilling learning journey of GCSEs mixed with BTECs that is unlike the offering at The College. 

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Key Stage 5 at QE Faculty

A multitude of pathways are available depending on your likes and strengths. QE Faculty offers a fifth subject for an additional timetabled option alongside your four chosen subjects. This timetabled block can be used for the Performance Sports Programmes, English language support, completing an Extended Project Qualification, or additional time for creative arts subjects.

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Performance Sports Programme

QE Faculty’s bespoke sports programme takes performance up a level for our aspiring student athletes.

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Whole School Revision Project

Developing good revision habits is key to learning success. Our Whole School Revision Project teaches students how to revise efficiently with several Faculty student ambassadors promoting good practice to students across the Collegiate.

Queen Ethelburga's students celebrating an award with their teachers

Did you know Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate has two senior schools for Key Stages 4 and 5?

QE College offers a more traditional academic route through GCSEs and A Levels. It is a highly demanding school that challenges students to strive academically in preparation for entrance to the top universities and colleges.

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