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Life Beyond Queen Ethelburga’s College

The Careers Department prepares students for university applications through the QE Futures Programme.

This comprehensive programme of support offers students everything they need to boost their chances of a successful application, from small group sessions and admission test preparation to interview practice.

Students applying for Oxbridge receive additional support with the Early Applicant Programme, including advice and support from experienced, subject-specific consultants.

Those hoping to study Medicine benefit from specialist weekly sessions covering university teaching styles, applying for work experience and preparation for the BMAT and UKCAT examinations.

At the end of the year, QE College students mark the end of their QE journey at the Leaver’s Service and Speech Day where we come together to celebrate their achievements.

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Life After Queen Ethelburga’s College – University Destinations.
University Destinations

At the end of Year 13, most QE College students continue their education at some of the best universities across the UK and abroad.

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Jonathan Tembo (2020-2022)

Jonathan Tembo, QE College alumniI studied A Levels in Business Studies, Economics, English Language and Psychology at Queen Ethelburga’s. Since then, I have begun to build what is becoming a multifaceted career, for which I am immensely thankful.

The skills and experiences I gained at QE have been invaluable, particularly in preparing me for my current role as a Solicitor Apprentice at DLA Piper. Being given the opportunity to work at a top global law firm at the age of 18 was both an honour and a challenge, but the solid foundation I acquired at QE made me feel ready to embrace it.

In my role at DLA Piper, I regularly interact with influential clients from leading global businesses, requiring not just legal knowledge but also effective communication and an understanding of diverse cultures - skills I developed and refined during my time in the College.

Additionally, since my time at QE, I have ventured into entrepreneurship with friends who I met during my time there, launching businesses across various industries. These ventures are witnessing remarkable growth, a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and strong network nurtured at QE.

Reflecting on my journey, the time I spent at Queen Ethelburga’s was more than just an academic period; it was a comprehensive preparation for my career in law and the exciting world of entrepreneurship. For this, I could not be more grateful.

Ruby Plackett (2010 – 2015)

Ruby Plackett, QE College alumniI studied Geography, English Language and Art and Design (Fine Art) at A Level in Queen Ethelburga’s College. After finishing my A Levels, I went on to study at Newcastle University in which I obtained a BSc in Geography and MSc in Environmental Consultancy.

I’m now an Environmental Consultant at a global engineering, management and development consultancy. I specialise in the value that society obtains from the natural environment, a concept known as Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services. Through my job, I’ve been fortunate enough to work on exciting projects that have enabled me to travel across the globe.

QE really helped to prepare me to be independent and a self-starter, through both my time as a boarder and thanks to some incredible teachers. I was naturally quiet but always curious about the world we live in, and really felt that my pursuit of knowledge and forming opinions was celebrated at QE.

Being from a Forces family, QE made my most important school years, throughout GSCE and A-Levels, a stable learning and home environment, for which I’ll always be thankful.

Lemon Tang (2011 – 2016)

Lemon Tang, QE College alumniI began studying at King’s Magna in 2011 as a Year 9 student. Queen Ethelburga’s really helped me to boost my confidence and to discover my interest in Art and Design.

Teachers and staff were caring, sweet and helpful; they provided me with a lot of emotional and academic support during my five years at school.

During my GCSEs, I was voted to be in the Student Council. The role really helped me to develop my leadership skills and encouraged me to be more empathetic towards my peers.

After finishing my PhD at Central Saint Martins of UAL, I am now an independent graphic designer with my own studio. Thank you to all the staff for encouraging me to chase my dream.