Key Stage Two

Transitioning from Key Stage One to Key Stage Two (Year 3 to Year 5) is a big step for our Explorers.

Children are encouraged to be more independent in their learning and take a proactive role in asking questions and making new discoveries.

Key Stage Two students at Chapter House learn two languages, a musical instrument and have access to an onsite swimming pool.

Active Lifestyle For An Active Brain

With three sports sessions each week there is something to engage every child, whatever their interest or level of ability. Our specialist coaching and curriculum focus on building skill sets rather than on individual or team sports. This helps every child to enjoy learning essential skills like balancing, throwing and jumping in preparation for sports coaching at King’s Magna.

Chapter House School pupil in cookery class at Queen Ethelburga's

Children are encouraged to be more independent in their learning.
Building A Lifelong Hobby

Enrichment activities are an integral part of school life at Chapter House. Students take part in the “My School Experience” which rewards those who actively participate in activities and those who try new interests. We have fantastic facilities and there are over 70 activities for your child to enjoy.

Trips to Remember Forever

Key Stage Two brings new opportunities for discovery and adventure as our Explorers investigate more of their everyday environment, and venture further afield. Trips include visiting York Chocolate Story, Leeds Playhouse, and a three-day residential trip to High Adventure.

Overview of the Curriculum

Literacy and Numeracy lessons every day and three PE sessions (including a dedicated swimming session) each week. Science, Computing, Music, and Topic (Humanities, Art and Design Technology) lessons are taught on rotation.

Year 3
  • Stone Age to the Iron Age – Learning about how lives changed and developed, Stonehenge art, settlements, rocks, and soils
  • Tudor York – Investigating the links between the Tudors and the City of York, key events and life in Tudor times
  • Extreme Earth – How and where natural disasters occur and identifying human and physical features of our surroundings
Year 4
  • Our Changing World – Continents of the World, Amazon Rainforest and Ancient Egypt
  • Romans and Italy – The Roman success and impact on Britain and the Geography of modern Italy
  • History of Chocolate – Aztec and Mayan cultures, their impact on the cocoa trade, designing and marketing a chocolate bar
Year 5
  • Old World, New World – Weather, terrain and life in Ancient Greece and the expansion by Alexander the Great compared to the exploration of Christopher Columbus
  • Settlers – Journeys and cultures of Vikings and Saxons and the effects of their settlements in new countries
  • Space – History of space exploration, the solar system, sun, and moon