Learning Support

Learning Support at Chapter House

At Chapter House our staff ensure that every child experiences a curriculum and programme of activities suitable to their needs.

The Special Educational Needs Department is known as the Learning Development (LD) department at Queen Ethelburga’s. The LD department liaises with teachers, pastoral staff, safeguard leads and parents to ensure each child has the best provisions in place to progress their learning.

Chapter House pupil in class with teacher

Queen Ethelburga’s Learning Development department are here to ensure your child is assessed and provided with the necessary support for SEND students.
A Curriculum That Supports Your Child’s Needs

Following identification and assessment, appropriate provision will be made for your child with an individual learning plan (ILP). The provision could range from differentiated lesson plans to additional individual tuition by learning support/specialist teachers, or additional small group tuition.

Within lessons, your child may receive additional support from a teaching assistant to help with tasks set by the teacher.

Clear Communication Between Teachers, Learning Development Staff And You

Parents receive regular updates on their child’s progress and additional needs through Parent Meetings and written reports shared every half-term.

In addition, if your child has special educational needs, you will be included in discussions around supporting your child and the implementation of planned programmes and intervention strategies. The class teacher and LD department will also inform you of the results of any initial assessments for dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

For further assessments, your child may be assessed by an outside educational psychologist.