Year 6

Begin your journey at King’s Magna Middle School in Year 6.

King’s Magna begins at Year 6, where students get a taste of an exciting curricular experience along with the familiarity and support they need as they prepare to move from Key Stage Two to Three.

Our Year 6 students do not take SAT exams and are instead provided an enriching, topic based curriculum with internal tests for core subjects at the end of the year.

Subject-Based Curriculum

Year 6 students still feel at home in a designated classroom and continue to benefit from specialist Year 6 teachers for English, Maths, Humanities and Personal Development. Other subjects begin to be taught across campus in the relevant departments, offering a gradual introduction to senior school as they walk to lessons across the school grounds.

As part of the curriculum, students learn three modern foreign languages (French, Spanish and German) and have a lesson of computer science to introduce programming and information technology.

Year 6 King's Magna Middle School pupils on a school trip

Students do not take SAT exams and are provided with a bespoke curriculum designed as an exciting taste of Key Stage Three.
Links Across Subjects

History, Geography and English are linked by a topic-based approach to learning, similar to lessons in Chapter House. The topics for Year 6 are World War Two, Introduction to Shakespeare, The Model Village Project and Enterprise.

As part of their project on Shakespeare, students practise their drama skills performing a Shakespearian play in the Secret Garden in front of parents and invited guests, and participate in a workshop with Sky Blue Theatre.

Introduction To Sports Lessons

Following the skills-based sports lessons at Chapter House, students are introduced to QE's performance sports: football, netball, cricket and basketball. These sports are coached by ex-professional players or coaches and provide a glimpse into the Performance Sports Programme available at QE Faculty.

PE lessons also include swimming, dance and gym lessons using Queen Ethelburga’s fantastic on site facilities. An additional two hours of timetabled sports lessons are available as part of the Curriculum Enrichment programme.

Amazing Team Building Trips

At the beginning of Year 6, all classes take part in a team building day at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park. With a multitude of activities to enjoy, including swimming, inflatables and boats on the lake, there is plenty of fun to be had and new friendships to be made.

In the Spring Term, Year 6 students visit Château du Baffy in Northern France on a 5-day residential trip. Students are able to practise their French while learning about World War Two and immersing themselves in French culture.