Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Language at Queen Ethelburga’s

At Queen Ethelburga’s, you can study French, German or Spanish for GCSE and A Level at both the QE Faculty and QE College.

There is also the opportunity to complete a GCSE or A Level in your mother tongue if English is your second language, or take additional lessons from an external tutor in Latin, Turkish and Italian. 

In 2023, the Collegiate achieved 50 Level 9 GCSE’s and 51 A* A Levels for Modern Foreign Language subjects.

You can even enter national competitions! Previously, students have won awards for the University of Newcastle European Day of Languages competition and the University of Oxford German Olympiad. Our Super-Curricular provision also offers the opportunity to write an original poem in either your mother tongue or your second language to compete in Manchester Metropolitan University Mother Tongue Other Tongue competition.

Senior school pupils at Queen Ethelburga's

Study Music as a GCSE, BTEC or A Level at Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate.
Challenge Yourself To Go Further

Outside of lessons, you can practise your speaking skills in our after-school Linguistics Club.

Have fun with the Modern Foreign Languages team as you explore the diversity of language through solving language-based problems and puzzles.

GCSE Modern Foreign Languages

Each Modern Foreign Language GCSE covers three modules: Identity and Culture, Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest, and Current Future Study and Employment. See what some of our students said about studying a language at GCSE:

I enjoy GCSE French because I like how it differentiates itself from other languages, with its tenses, accents and rules of how you speak correctly. It is quite difficult but that is what makes it great because it is very satisfying when you understand it.”

I chose German because I realised how many doors learning a foreign language opens for me in the future.” 

I decided to study Spanish this year because I believe that it allows you to not only learn a new language, but to learn about the cultures too. I also found it very interesting, and it helps a lot with boosting confidence.”

A Level Modern Foreign Languages

Unlike GCSE, the topics at A Level vary depending on the language you choose to study. A Level French covers topics on the Changing Family, Cyber-Society, Charity Work, Heritage, French Music, French Cinema, Social Issues and you will study the film ‘La Haine’ and the book ‘No et Moi’. 

Studying French at A Level showed me how truly beautiful the language is and sounds. It has also helped me to learn other languages as there are so many similarities.”

A Level German covers topics on The Changing Face of the Family, Technology and Social Media, Youth Culture, Architecture, Berlin, Festivals and Traditions, Immigration, Racism, Integration, Germany and the EU and the Reunification of Germany.

You will also study the film ‘Das Leben der Anderen’ and the book ‘Der Vorleser’.

German encompasses everything I am passionate about – history, literature and language. And my multilingualism will hopefully make me very employable.”

For A Level Spanish, you will cover topics on Aspects of Hispanic Society, Modern and Traditional Values, Cyberspace, Equal Rights, Artistic Culture, Modern Day Idols, Political Life, Today’s Youth and Tomorrow’s Citizen’s in your first year.

You will also study the film ‘El Laberinto del Fauno’. In your second year, you will cover Monarchies and Dictatorships, Popular Movements, Spanish Regional Identity, Cultural Heritage, Multiculturalism, Immigration and Racism. You will also study the text ‘La Casa de Bernarda Alba’.

"All throughout high school, languages were my favourite subjects - I was never a maths or science person. Spanish is the perfect blend of fun and academics. It's a mix of history, the language and the culture, so I would recommend it if you have those interests. I love Spanish; it’s one of my favourite lessons every day and the teachers are phenomenal!"