King’s Magna’s IEP

King's Magna Intensive English Preparation Course

King’s Magna Middle School offers an Intensive English Preparation Course (KMIEP) designed to help international students in Years 6 to 9 to access the regular school curriculum and move forward in their education at the Collegiate.

What Each Course Covers

The course focuses on a wide range of knowledge and skills, helping students to improve their ability to speak, understand, and use English effectively in conversations. They learn vocabulary specific to their subjects and become better at reading and writing.

The KMIEP teaches students how to communicate well in both academic and social situations. It also lays the foundation for students to continue their studies at King’s Magna and choose either the Faculty or College pathway.

Students in class at King's Magna

King’s Magna Middle School offers an Intensive English Preparation Course (KMIEP).
Entry Requirements

International students wanting to attend Queen Ethelburga’s are evaluated through their school reports, an English test, a resume, and either a video call or in-person interview.

Students also need to complete a Cognitive Ability Test (CAT4) covering verbal, non-verbal, quantitative, and spatial skills. King’s Magna welcomes applicants with a range of abilities and looks for a positive attitude towards education and good behaviour.

If English is not their first language, students should be able to communicate well in everyday English. For Year 6 entry, students should score 40+ in the Oxford Young Learners English Test. 
For Year 7, it’s 60+, and for Year 8, it’s 66+. Year 9 applicants should have scored 53+ in the Oxford Online English Test.

King’s Magna Intensive English Programme (KMIEP)

If students need help reaching the required scores on the Oxford Online English Test, they will be offered personalised Intensive English Lessons.
Year 6 and 7 students can access the regular curriculum but will also receive an Individualised Education Plan. These lessons will be scheduled during the school day, including registration, lunch breaks, and after-school activities.

Students in Years 8 and 9 of the Intensive English Programmes (KMIEP) will receive extra English support and a modified academic schedule. This schedule is created individually by the Head of Year and the Intensive English Programme Lead.

Students will have the chance to take the Oxford English Test and IELTS exams to track their progress. Successfully completing these courses typically allows students to move up to the next grade level in the following academic year.

King's Magna Middle School pupils working in class