Enrichment Activities

Enrichment at King’s Magna

King’s Magna is a time for students to try new skills, new hobbies and new challenges.

Enrichment is at the heart of King’s Magna with many activities to try during the day, before and after school. This is the time for challenge and opportunity and with so much on offer during the school day, before and after school, students quickly learn what they love, hate, or possibly have a genuine talent for.

Two Hours Of Timetabled Enrichment Lessons

Timetabling enrichment activities has been a huge bonus for day students who travel by bus or train to school. Every student has access to two hours of enrichment activities within the school day to try different activities or to train in a team sport. It is a fantastic initiative to let students enjoy learning beyond the curriculum – without the restrictions of exams!

Students with a talent for playing basketball, cricket, football or netball can train in a team as part of the Performance Sport Pathway. Training is with professional coaches and there are opportunities to compete against local schools. Unlike QE Faculty’s Performance Sports Programme, where students are expected to play at county level, sports teams in King’s Magna are for any level of ability or commitment.

“I love sport and to be able to have more coaching with our sports coaches during the school day is brilliant. We work on individual skills, team play, and I get to work on strength and conditioning too.” Year 7 student, 2023

King's Magna pupil enjoying paint-balling shooting practice

Enrichment is at the heart of King’s Magna with many activities to try during the day, before and after school.
Over 70 Hours Of Activities Each Week

Outside of lessons, there are an abundance of activities before school, during lunch and after school.

Of course, it would be impossible to be involved in 70 hours of activities – but with something for everyone, there really is a lot to try.

Be Rewarded For Trying New Things

The King’s Magna Enrichment Award recognises, encourages and celebrates students’ participation in activities. At the end of the year, one student from each year group is awarded the Enrichment Trophy at Speech Day in celebration of their attendance and investment in enrichment activities.

“I love the opportunity to do more of what we enjoy in the timetable. Although I do Art, Drama and Music, being able to add more of it is really good because I can make lots more progress here and get even better.” Year 6 student, 2023