Moving To Year 6

Moving to Year 6 is a little different at Queen Ethelburga’s compared to other schools.

Children leave Chapter House at the end of Year 5 to begin their academic journey at King’s Magna Middle School.

At King’s Magna, Year 6 students are provided with a curriculum that is designed to help transition from Key Stage Two to Key Stage Three. Students do not take SAT examinations and instead have a timetabled, subject-based curriculum with controlled assessments throughout the year.

A Taste Of King’s Magna

Throughout Year 5, students will have an introduction to life at King’s Magna through Outreach events, projects with Year 6 students and a Taster Day. The Taster Day offers students from Chapter House, or children who are beginning their journey at Queen Ethelburga’s in Year 6, a day to experience a varied timetable of subjects and an enrichment option in Creative Arts or PE.

At the end of the Taster Day, parents are invited to meet Mrs Kilkenny (Head of Chapter House) and Mr Birchall (Head of King’s Magna) to find out what school life is like at King’s Magna and to ask any questions.

Year 6 pupil at King's Magna School, Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate

Transitioning from Year 5 to Year 6 is a big leap at Queen Ethelburga’s.
Growing A Mature Mindset

Moving to Year 6 opens a plethora of new opportunities for students to sink their teeth into. Year 6 students have a subject-based curriculum and are old enough to attend the fantastic range of enrichment activities on offer at Queen Ethelburga’s.

As such, Year 5 students need to be prepared for a more independent style of working. Students can attend weekly Wellbeing Sessions designed to increase their self-confidence, organisational skills and independence.

Chapter House also promotes responsibility with Year 5 encouraged to volunteer for roles, such as Head Boy/Head Girl, Prefect, Librarian or House Captain. Each role teaches students to be accountable for the tasks assigned to them.

Time To Bond With Classmates

Moving to a new school with larger class sizes can sometimes feel a little daunting. But, with friends by your side and the confidence to take risks, there is no stopping a Year 6 student from succeeding.

Our Year 5 students attend a three-day residential trip at High Adventure. The trip is a lot of fun and involves challenging outdoor and team building activities. Students love High Adventure and speak fondly of how activities like ‘leap of faith’ taught them to be brave.

Listen to Fleur, the Ex-Head-Girl of Chapter House, as she gives advice to the next Year 6 starters.