Humanities at Queen Ethelburga’s

You can study History and Geography at GCSE and A Level at both our senior schools, with the additional option to study Global Perspectives IGCSE at QE College.

Students who study Humanities at Queen Ethelburga’s have gone on to study at University of Warwick, Newcastle University, University of Leeds and Queen Mary University of London.

Senior school pupils on a school trip

Study History and Geography at GCSE and A Level at Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate.
Wide Range Of Interesting Topics

Current history topics include: Medicine in Britain, The British Sector of the Western Front, Henry VIII and His Ministers, Superpower Relations and the Cold War and The USA between 1954-75.


GCSE History covers six topics exploring the history of Britain and the wider world. The course is examined in three papers and teaches you to evaluate the reliability of sources and question the purpose of historic sources.

“What I enjoyed about the History GCSE course was studying the Cold War as it felt like watching a really cool movie. It was fascinating. It was important to make timelines and mind maps too.”

At A Level, students develop critical and reflective thinking and learn the importance of historical knowledge in explaining contemporary issues. The topics include England 1547-1603: The Later Tudors, Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany 1919-1963 and Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1963.

“A captivating subject that broadens your understanding of the current world situation. It makes you think how different the world could be if certain events had not happened and how important they are to current world affairs.”

Senior school pupils on a school trip


GCSE Geography addresses the big questions that affect our world and helps you understand the social, economic, and physical forces and processes that shape and change it. You will study topics addressing the changing world, urbanisation, evolving physical and human landscapes, forests under threat and energy resources. 

“I chose Geography as in my home country I saw people living very different lives and I wanted to learn why this was and compare this to other places in the world.”

In Year 12, you will advance your learning of the physical and human processes taking place in the world. The course will teach you how the world works and how to think critically about the problems and solutions for forthcoming generations.

“Geography is my favourite subject in the Sixth Form. I love how it combines features of all subjects ranging from economics all the way to biology and chemistry whilst still maintaining a geographical core. It has helped me to thrive in all my subjects! I find geography very useful in day-to-day life and enjoy the fact that I can use what I’ve learnt to find out about how and why things happen in the environment, making the subject so much more interesting and appealing.”

Global Perspectives - New to QE College in 2024

Open your eyes to key global issues from personal, local, national and global perspectives. You will explore topics of global significance and gain understanding of your own place in the world.

"There are so many issues affecting the world today that it is our duty to not only learn about them, but to consider how we can help. This course will help you understand these problems but also give you the skills to be part of the solution."

Mr Oldershaw, Academic Director of QE