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Instructions for making lunch
Chapter House

Year 3 made their own sandwiches and salad for lunch and instructions for others to make them too. 

Problem Solving with Year 3
Julia Conroy

During their problem solving, lesson Year 3 had to work together to solve a problem involving odd and even numbers. 

Year 3 Explore the Properties of Rocks
Richard Walker

In science this week, Year 3 have been investigating and identifying the different properties of a variety rocks using the hardness (scratch) test, the water permeability test and the acid (vinegar) reaction test. 

Outdoor Learning in Numeracy
Karen Kilkenny

Year 3 enjoyed some outdoor learning in numeracy this week, tackling a range of different problem solving challenges including the four number operations.

Preparing for Our Trip to Whitby
Karen Kilkenny

In preparation for our trip on Wednesday the children began to research some information about Whitby. The children used atlases to find Whitby on the map. They also looked at which county Whitby is in and investigated the physical and human aspects of Whitby.

Experimenting with Printing
Karen Kilkenny

Today the year 3 children enjoyed experimenting with printing. As part of our Extreme Earth topic, we looked at the famous wood block painting of a wave by Hokusai, a famous Japanese artist.

Outside Learning: Volcanoes
Karen Kilkenny

Year 3 enjoyed their topic lesson in the sunshine today. After learning about how and why volcanoes erupt, they had to sort reason for and against living near a volcano.

Firework Shape Poems
Karen Kilkenny

This week, Year 3 have been working towards writing their own firework shape poem.

Learning About Different Light Sources
Karen Kilkenny

To start their new science topic this term, Year 3 have been sharing their knowledge of different light sources and testing their sense of touch in the absence of light.

'The Great Bread Bake Off'
Karen Kilkenny

The children in Year 3 are currently doing a Design and Technology project called ‘The Great Bread Bake off’.

Celebrating World Book Day
Karen Kilkenny

To celebrate  World Book Day, Year 3 learned about the relevance of the day and reported on how we celebrate the day in Chapter House.

Tudor Portraits Using Collage Techniques
Karen Kilkenny

This week, Year 3 have enjoyed exploring Tudor portraits using collage. They have drawn their favourite of Henry VIII’s wives and concentrated on developing textures using a range of fabrics, beads and buttons.

Learning About Tudor Portraits
Karen Kilkenny

Year 3 have identified portraits as an important source of information when learning about the Tudors.

Thrive Session: Talking About Resilience
Karen Kilkenny

This week the children enjoyed a visit to Thrive where they talked about resilience. The children then had to work as a team to get the hoop around the circle whilst holding hands.

Friction and Magnetism
Karen Kilkenny

The children are enjoying their new Science topic this term. Last week, they investigated the effects of friction on different surfaces and this week they have tested materials to find out if they are magnetic.

How the Tudors Influenced York
Karen Kilkenny

This term the year 3 topic is ‘Tudor York’. During this topic we will be learning all about the Tudors and how they influenced York. This week the children had to be archeologists.

Learning All About Synonyms
Karen Kilkenny

Welcome back to the Year 3 children we hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year.


Making Celtic Shields
Karen Kilkenny

This week the children have enjoyed making Celtic shields as part of their Iron age topic. The children used string, matchsticks and art straws to make a 3D pattern, before painting their shields. The final shields have been fantastic.  

Songs and Poems in Assembly
Karen Kilkenny

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed delivering their assembly to the parents, staff and children this morning. They have worked very hard learning their words and preparing a song and poem. A big well done to them all!

Korean Pop Dance Workshop
Karen Kilkenny

To celebrate International Week, Year 3 enjoyed a Korean Pop Dance Workshop delivered by Mrs Oldershaw and some students from Year 6.

Making Pumpkin Soup
Karen Kilkenny

Today the children really enjoyed making soup. The children have designed a soup as part of design technology and literacy and today the children had the opportunity to make it.

Learning Logs and Sharing Work
Karen Kilkenny

As part of the children’s weekly homework they are asked to complete a task about their current topic in their Learning Logs.

Exploring Rocks
Karen Kilkenny

In Science, Year 3 have been exploring rocks by describing, comparing and testing them. To understand how the three types of rocks are formed they used starburst sweets to make them.

Chapter House Enjoy Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Karen Kilkenny

At the beginning of the week the Year 3 children enjoyed an educational visit to the Dig Museum and York Minster in York.