What are QE Points?

QE points form part of the schools reward system. QE Points are earned like House Points and are added to the House total. Collect QE Points to earn rewards. For example, if you have put great effort into a piece of work your teacher can reward you by giving you QE Points.

How are students given QE Points?

Staff will reward you with QE Points electronically on the school system. QE Points will be given for a range of individual successes and achievements including: consistently meeting school expectations, going above and beyond, and making positive contributions to school life.

How can students monitor their QE Points total?

Form tutors will regularly update students regarding how many points they have. The House board is also regularly updated so that students know which house is in the lead.

QE Points Milestones

There are several milestones which can be reached over the course of each year. Each milestone will allow you access to the next level of privileges and rewards. 

What can I spend my QE Points on?

Stationery, tuck, sports equipment, Muggles vouchers, charity donations and much more! 

Whole-school reward weeks

There are whole-school reward weeks throughout the year which all students who have been ready to LEARN will enjoy! Rewards weeks may include things such as: a party or social event, no prep, non-uniform day, a late start in the morning and special snacks!

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