QE Connect Outreach Programme

The QE Connect Outreach programme allows students to positively impact our local and international communities. Our schools host and participate in various outreach events beneficial to local schools, charities, community groups, international conservation, and humanitarian projects.

The programme offers a variety of opportunities for students depending on whether they would like to travel abroad, volunteer weekly at local groups, or raise money through a charitable event. By participating, students can connect with children from surrounding schools, visitors from local community groups and meet new friends overseas.

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QE Connect 

The QE Connect Outreach programme furthers the holistic development of all participating children. Young people between Years 1 to Year 13 can get involved with QE Connect for free.

The programme is divided into the following categories:

Please click the icons to view the events and activities happening in 2022 to 2023.

For a more detailed version of events, click here to view the QE Connect Outreach Programme for 2022-23

Follow the link to complete the booking form for this year's QE Connect activities:


Please note:

  • Event places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Bookings and pre-event details will be confirmed by the QE Outreach Team
  • Primary and Secondary Schools are welcome to book small groups or full classes/year groups unless specific numbers/teams are detailed on the event page.
  • Parents can also book directly for their child to join our exciting after-school and weekend Outreach events (see page 31). 

If you require any further information about any of the Outreach opportunities, please see the FAQ on page 34 of the brochure or do not hesitate to get in touch via QEOutreach@qe.org.

We hope to see you at a QE Connect Outreach Event soon!


Local Outreach

In addition to working with children from surrounding schools, we also work with many local organisations and community groups.

For example, Queen Ethelburga’s regularly host Inclusive Sports Panathlons in connection with North Yorkshire Inclusive Sports; afternoon teas for local residents; and invite elderly and community groups to join us for many on-site events, including theatre productions.

We would love to work with you if you are from a local community group or organisation. Please email our Outreach Manager, Eleanor Smith, via QEOutreach@qe.org.

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Contact Us

If you require further information about Queen Ethelburga’s Outreach opportunities, please email QEOutreach@qe.org.

Or, book onto a QE Connect Outreach activity by following the link below:


What visiting children and staff from surrounding schools say:

What local community groups and organisations say:

“I must say you have been the most welcoming and organised school we have ever worked alongside! The leaders really got into the role when the teams arrived and showed some really good leadership skills such as confidence, adaptability, and passion. The feedback from the teachers who attended has been extremely positive. It really does make a difference to an event when we have such wonderful facilities to utilise” 

“Thank you very much for organising yesterday's afternoon tea for our elderly groups. They all enjoyed themselves. Thank you to all the pupils involved as well” “Thank you so much for your visit on Saturday. We all had an absolutely fabulous time and so appreciate you all taking the time to come and spend time with us” 

“I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for yesterday. Our Residents and escorts had a wonderful time and couldn’t wait to tell me and everyone else in the home all about it when they returned. They were so impressed with your pupils and how polite and attentive they were explaining about your wonderful school and being first class hosts. The show was fantastic and you clearly have some very talented pupils and teachers. Thank you once again for such a wonderful day out”