Forces Students at QE

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate has a long standing relationship with the British Forces and has welcomed students from Forces families for over 100 years.

Why Choose QE For Your Child?

1. CEA Accredited

In recognition to our commitment to the British Forces, Queen Ethelburga’s can offer families a significant reduction in fees.

Parental contribution is only £1,385 per term (2023/2024) for those eligible for the Continuity of Education Allowance.

2. Supportive Boarding Environment

Queen Ethelburga’s is home to over 300 boarding students from Forces families. Our Boarding Staff are committed to providing a secure and supportive home for students whose parents may need to travel or live abroad for work.

Boarding facilities at QE support easy and direct communication with student’s families, with direct phone lines in each room. In addition, children are allowed to visit parents on any weekend or can visit relatives/friends with their parents’ permission.


3.  We Put Children’s Wellbeing First

The Pastoral Care Team ensures every student’s mental health and resilience is a priority. The team help Forces students to contact parents who may be deployed abroad, and Pastoral is always open for students to talk and have a hot chocolate.

Queen Ethelburga’s also runs a Peer Mentor scheme that links forces students, who may need support and advice, with an older student who has had a similar experience.