King's Magna

King’s Magna is our Middle School, welcoming students from Year 6 to Year 9, offering dynamic, happy, and caring surroundings, where students enjoy and are curious about their learning. This supportive and vibrant environment ensures students can grow and mature into their teenage years with confidence, by taking advantage of the many opportunities that are available to them. Students are challenged to be the best that they can with their individual skills and our unique school model ensures that each child is supported in the transition between primary education and the demands of GCSEs. 

King's Magna: Rated Excellent by ISI

The latest ISI report awarded King's Magna the highest rating of 'excellent' along with the other three schools; Chapter House, Queen Ethelburga's College and Queen Ethelburga's Faculty. The glowing report stated that the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent, as is their personal development.

"The school is highly successful in fulfilling its aim to promote the highest academic standards and to enable pupils to accomplish its mission statement, which is; 'to be the best that I can with the gifts that I have."

Independent Schools Inspectorate, February 2019

Meet The Head of King's Magna: Joe Birchall

A Unique School Model

King’s Magna is a unique middle school, where visitors often recognise the sense of respect between students and staff, and amongst students themselves. Small class sizes enable staff to devote maximum time and energy to fostering curiosity and ensuring that each student can make the most of their talents. Students enjoy the sense of belonging to a smaller school within the Collegiate; they have the chance to get to know each other and their teachers very well, and they flourish as a result.

King’s Magna shares many facilities with the senior schools, enabling a wide and varied programme of lunchtime and after school activities, whilst providing a secure environment in which students can grow in confidence.  

From Year 6, pupils have specialist teaching for non-core subjects and from Year 7, students enjoy a broad-based programme of study by specialist teachers for all subjects. All students are able to personalise their timetable with enrichment options which challenge students to take their learning beyond the curriculum. The introduction of option choices in Year 9 allows some specialisation in the curriculum and ensures a smooth transition to The College or The Faculty in Year 10. Our curriculum is reviewed each year to ensure that it provides a broad, balanced and relevant education; one that is both challenging and exciting for students. 

Parents are provided with opportunities to talk and meet with teachers on a regular basis to discuss progress and aspirations. Assessment statements are provided to parents each half term, in addition to an end of year report. 

The King's Magna Educational Journey - Years 6 to 9

As an independent school, our innovative curriculum is both relevant and challenging. Modern programmes of study foster curiosity and equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to move seamlessly through to the senior schools.

In King’s Magna, we are ambitious to achieve the full potential of each individual, and, as a result, our curriculum is reviewed each year to ensure that it provides a broad and balanced education - one that is both engaging and exciting for all. Outstanding specialist provision in the creative arts, sport, languages, history, geography, computing and personal development complements the core curriculum of mathematics, English and science. We encourage students to be actively involved in, and responsible for, their own learning, with regular progress points and conversations, which allow them to reflect on their achievements and set targets for further improvement.

Year 6 - Firm foundations and memorable moments

Year 6 offers a unique and innovative bridge between Key Stages 2 and 3. Creating memorable moments is a key part of the students’ learning journey. Students do not take SAT examinations and instead follow a bespoke curriculum with controlled assessments throughout the year to better prepare them for Key Stage 3.

Year 7 - Developing independence

In Year 7, our students are encouraged to become more independent and take greater responsibility for their own learning, with significant challenge for all learners.

Year 8 - Taking responsibility

In Year 8, students are encouraged to take on additional responsibilities and apply for a variety of key roles within the school community. These include being a Prefect, Buddy, a Chapter House Mentor, School Ambassador, Food Council representative or School Council representative.

Year 9 - Aspirational, confident and prepared

In Year 9, a bespoke curriculum, alongside far-reaching extra-curricular and leadership opportunities, means students are fully prepared to confidently meet the challenges of the next stage of their educational journey.


Our students enjoy some of the best boarding facilities that are on offer in the UK, supported by a dedicated team of house tutors, who ensure that everyone is looked after in a safe, happy and productive environment. 

Boarding at QE offers facilities which supports our students' development and allows them to thrive. All boarding bedrooms are air-conditioned and have private en-suite bathrooms with a toilet and shower. Common rooms are also provided for all boarders, so that students can come together and socialise. 

King's Magna boarders have access to fantastic sports facilities, which encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage their own fitness, with the support of gym staff, teachers and coaches. A busy activities and trips programme at the weekends ensures that students have plenty of opportunities to broaden their experience and enjoy new challenges with their friends.

Co-Curricular and Pastoral Provision

The academic curriculum within King’s Magna is supported by an extensive activity programme designed to develop skills, creativity, cultural understanding, health and leadership. Students enjoy a wide variety of co-curricular activities, working towards their Enrichment Award from Year 6. Outstanding co-curricular provision is central to the personal development of pupils within the school and they are able to contribute their voice to its running through membership of the School, Boarding and Food Councils. Pupils also promote the positive and supportive ethos of the school through roles such as Prefects, Ambassadors and Buddies. 

For more information, view the Co-Curricular Page.

Excellent care and pastoral provision within King’s Magna ensures that every student is treated as an individual and provided with personalised support to help them achieve and develop as successful members of the wider community. Wellbeing Sessions is our innovative pastoral programme, developed to promote well-being and resilience in students throughout their QE journey. With over 30 different sessions each week, King's Magna students take full advantage of what is on offer and engage readily with the dedicated Pastoral Team. 

Find out more about QE's excellent Pastoral Care.

Beyond King's Magna - Steps to The Faculty or The College

By Year 9, King's Magna students are ready to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the introduction of a number of stimulating option choices, which allow them to follow a bespoke curriculum. They are guided in their choices through an extensive package of support, ensuring that their decisions are well-informed and best suited to their personal educational journey. This prepares them well for the next stage of their learning and the transition to The College or The Faculty. 

What Our Students Say...

"I really like it at King's Magna. I have some really good friends here. I like the activities that we can do and am currently doing parkour, jiu jitsu and comic club. I hope to achieve my Enrichment Award at the end of the year."

Year 6 Student

"When I am older I want to become a bio-medic or become a doctor. I know that mathematics and science are important subjects for a doctor. At QE we have amazing science equipment. I can use these for my benefit and learn as much as I can in the time that I have."

Year 8 Student

"I joined QE in Year 5 and was a Chapter House prefect. In King's Magna I have been a house prefect and I am currently an Ambassador. I am in the Combined Cadet Force and have also attended activities for hockey, swimming, choir, woodwind group and comic-making club."

Year 9 Student