King's Magna

King’s Magna is our Middle School, welcoming students from Year 6 to Year 9, offering dynamic, happy, and caring surroundings, where students enjoy and are curious about their learning. This supportive and vibrant environment ensures students can grow and mature into their teenage years with confidence, by taking advantage of the many opportunities that are available to them. Students are challenged to be the best that they can with their individual skills and our unique school model ensures that each child is supported in the transition between primary education and the demands of GCSEs. 

“For young people beginning their journey towards teenage years, King’s Magna offers a supportive and vibrant environment in which to grow. 

As they progress through the school, students are encouraged to become more independent, academically and socially, making sure that, by the time they move on to the College or the Faculty, they are fully equipped for GCSEs and the many challenges and opportunities beyond.”

Head of King’s Magna, Steven Turner


    King's Magna: Rated Excellent by ISI

    The latest ISI report awarded King's Magna the highest rating of 'excellent' along with the other three schools; Chapter House, Queen Ethelburga's College and Queen Ethelburga's Faculty. The glowing report stated that the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent, as is their personal development.

    "The school is highly successful in fulfilling its aim to promote the highest academic standards and to enable pupils to accomplish its mission statement, which is; 'to be the best that I can with the gifts that I have."

    Independent Schools Inspectorate, February 2019

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    What our students say:

    "I really like it at King's Magna. I have some really good friends here. I like the activities that we can do and am currently doing parkour, jiu jitsu and comic club. I hope to achieve my Enrichment Award at the end of the year."

    Year 6 Student

    "When I am older I want to become a bio-medic or become a doctor. I know that mathematics and science are important subjects for a doctor. At QE we have amazing science equipment. I can use these for my benefit and learn as much as I can in the time that I have."

    Year 8 Student

    "I joined QE in Year 5 and was a Chapter House prefect. In King's Magna I have been a house prefect and I am currently an Ambassador. I am in the Combined Cadet Force and have also attended activities for hockey, swimming, choir, woodwind group and comic-making club."

    Year 9 Student

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