Kings Magna

“For young people beginning their journey towards teenage years, King’s Magna offers a supportive and vibrant environment in which to grow. 

As they progress through the school, students are encouraged to become more independent, academically and socially, making sure that, by the time they move on to the College or the Faculty, they are fully equipped for GCSEs and the many challenges and opportunities beyond.”

Head of King’s Magna, Steven Turner

King’s Magna welcomes students from Year 6 to Year 9. 

King’s Magna shares many facilities with the senior schools, enabling a wide and varied programme of lunchtime and after school activities, whilst providing a secure environment in which students can grow in confidence. 

Class sizes are small to enable staff to devote maximum time and energy to ensuring that each student can make the most of their talents. Students enjoy the sense of being in a smaller school within QE; they have the chance to get to know each other and their teachers better, and flourish as a result.

From Year 6, pupils have specialist teaching for non-core subjects and from Year 7, students enjoy a broad-based programme of study by specialist teachers for all subjects. The introduction of a small number of option choices in Years 8 and 9 allows some specialisation in the curriculum and ensures a smooth transition to the College or the Faculty in Year 10. Our curriculum is reviewed each year to ensure that it provides a broad, balanced and relevant education; one that is both engaging and exciting for students.

Parents are provided with opportunities to talk and meet with teachers on a regular basis to discuss progress and aspirations. Assessment statements are provided to parents each half term, in addition to an end of year report.

The academic curriculum within King’s Magna is supported by an extensive activity programme designed to develop skills, creativity, cultural understanding, health and leadership. Outstanding co-curricular provision is central to the personal development of pupils within the school and they are able to contribute their voice to its running through membership of the School, Boarding and Food Councils. Pupils also promote the positive and supportive ethos of the school through roles such as Prefects, Ambassadors and Buddies.

Excellent care and pastoral provision within King’s Magna ensures that every student is treated as an individual and provided with personalised support to help them achieve and develop as successful members of the wider community. King’s Magna is a dynamic, happy and caring school where students enjoy their learning.

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