Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to our Early Years Foundation Stage provision. This stage includes our Kindergarten and Nursery & Foundation learning stages. The Chapter House Early Years was praised for its 'excellent care and learning experiences that the setting provides’. The glowing ISI report follows a three-day inspection in February this year, with inspectors observing every aspect of school life.


Queen's Kindergarten sits wonderfully within the Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate Early Years Department, which strives to provide an enabling, positive environment.

Within our specialist Kindergarten area there are three rooms separating the children by age and mobility. The free-flow arrangement means all children are familiar with all staff and rooms but that they have a specific area tailored to their needs.


Nursery and Reception

The Chapter House Nursery and Reception follows on from our Queen's Kindergarten. It continues to support a child's early development through the power of play and social interactions, capturing their individual interests and encouraging learning through them. 

Building upon the EYFS curriculum, the Nursery and Reception years provide the opportunity for children to learn a modern foreign language and to undertake expert music tuition. Pupils can also enjoy participating in sports, including regular swimming, dance and multi-skill sessions and take full advantage of our excellent sporting facilities, outdoor learning areas and playgrounds.

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