The Peer Mentoring System

 We have a very effective Peer Mentoring System which runs across the whole Collegiate. In KM we have Buddies, in KS4 we have Peer Leaders in KS5 we have Peer Mentors.


Buddies and Peer Leaders

Buddies and Peer Leaders are trained to support their peers; helping new students to settle in by including them in social activities and showing them around campus. They also assist with the THRIVE@QE sessions that run for CH.

The Buddy system is designed for students in King’s Magna.  Buddies are there to help by:

· Showing a new student around school and house.

· Explaining systems and routines to new students.

· Inviting a new student to join them for break, lunch or a social activity.

· Supporting students who may be homesick or nervous about being new.

· Looking out for students around site who may be struggling with something and be proactive in helping       them.

Peer Leaders are Key Stage 4 students who are there to support their peers and also younger students in school.

Peer Leading is a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of those they are helping.

Peer Leaders are positive role models and support others in reaching their goals.

Peer Mentors 

Peer Mentors receive weekly training in key topics around supporting their own and others wellbeing.
They are assigned to younger students and meet with them regularly.
They also visit younger students in their boarding houses, encouraging social interaction and integration.

Peer Mentors are sixth form students who play a very important role within the Collegiate, offering guidance and building links with younger students. Peer Mentors are matched with mentees and this is often based on their previous experience, skills and strengths.

Peer Mentors may support students with:

· Life skills

· Transition support

· Behaviour management

· Organisation

· Social skills

· Forces support

· International support

· Boarding support

· Low self-esteem

· Anger management