Pastoral News

Latest Pastoral News and Events

Wellbeing and Healthy Lifestyles Week

Our Wellbeing and Healthy Lifestyles week begins 13 January and will be focusing on food and healthy eating. The week will incorporate a number of THRIVE@QE activities that form part of our wellbeing initiative including prayer, Thrive through drama, team building and tea and talk.  

Thai Student Session

It was fantastic to see the Pastoral Care area being used as a meeting point for our Thai student's gathering before they all depart for the holidays.

ISA Wellbeing Initiative of the Year Award

We are proud to announce that THRIVE@QE has been short listed for the Independent School Awards 2020 Wellbeing Initiative of the Year award. The winner will be announced on Friday 7 February.

New Year 12 Peer Mentor's

A big congratulations to all those who applied and succeeded for the position of Peer Mentor. The new Year 12 Peer mentor training started on Wednesday 6 November and will be held once a week throughout the year.

Anti-bullying Awareness Week

Today marks the start of the collegiate’ s Anti-bullying Awareness week, with a focus to build on community values and develop the belief of being ‘stronger together.’

Throughout the week we will have a number of small-scale activities to seemingly embed unity and teamwork amongst the students with various events such as; academic house tug of war, choir performances and activity to develop form group identity. 

Members of our Anti-Bullying Council will be helping to deliver assemblies throughout the week and share their aims for the year ahead.

Y12 Peer Mentor Recruitment 2019-20

This week we have started the process of recruiting a new cohort of Peer mentors from Year 12. Peer mentors are sixth form students who support younger students in the Collegiate who may be struggling with specific issues. The deadline for Peer mentor applications is on Monday 7 October.