Life as a Boarder

Queen Ethelburga’s welcome students wishing to Board from Year 3 to Year 13 with weekly and full boarding options.

“Here at Queen Ethelburga’s, our approach is unique. We are very lucky having the facilities we do which help our committed and ambitious students make outstanding academic progress. The Boarding environment is crucial in supporting student’s personal development and helping students grow in all areas of their lives. At the heart of boarding at QE, are three central characteristics; opportunity, individuality and a caring community.

Being a boarder at QE gives you opportunities beyond the ordinary. Whether that is in the field of academia, in the clubs that you choose, in the trips you attend or in the friends that you make, your experiences here will shape your life.

We celebrate our students and the successes they have in a range of fields and areas. Whether it be in sports and drama, academic success, Peer Mentoring or citizenship, we recognise all achievements and strengths in our boarders. There is no fixed pathway that they must follow, they are guided and supported as they find the route that suits them best.

We have a community here unlike any other, a unique blend of cultures and nationalities, where friendships are formed that last a lifetime. We have a strong foundation built on listening to the needs of others, engaging with life and all it has to offer, attending every commitment with enthusiasm, respecting each other and never giving up on attaining our goals.

We create a second home for our students and try to emulate the boundaries and expectations that you as parents would want to implement.

At the heart of boarding is the desire to help our students to develop the life skills they need to be the very best that that they can be and to prepare them for their undoubtedly successful futures.”

QE offer lower collegiate boarding for ages 6 to 16 years and upper collegiate boarding for ages 16 to 19 years. 

Boarding Facilities

QE boarding is known for its modern facilities which support student development and provide a safe and productive environment to thrive.

All bedrooms are air-conditioned, provide ample room to study and include private en-suite bathrooms with a toilet and shower. Sixth form boarders also have cooking and washing facilities in their rooms to reflect their growing independence.

QE's life-long learning programme supports our boarding students with invaluable skills for future life and our dedicated boarding team understand that the soft skills they promote outside the classroom are every bit as valuable as the academic skills gained during the school day. Every boarder has access to a well-equipped common room where they can enjoy downtime and opportunities to get together and socialise as well as plenty of outdoor space.

Students are actively encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage their own fitness. As well as benefiting from award-winning, healthy meals in our dedicated dining areas, student also have access to our fantastic sports facilities, which are supervised by trained gym staff, teachers and coaches. 


Dedicated pastoral areas on campus are accessible for students throughout the day and well into the evening and are supervised by qualified pastoral staff. Students can come and meet a Peer Mentor or Buddy, chat to staff and can get help with anything they might need. Boarders also have access to tutors during prep and homework time so that they can get academic assistance when they need it.

General Information

Boarding Management Team

Mrs B. Fairclough

I am Barbara Fairclough.  I am a Boarding Senior Leader at Queen Ethelburgas Collegiate.  I have worked in boarding since my arrival 13 years ago and have worked in both the boys and girls houses.  I have worked in most age groups; my most recent in Chapter House Boarding with our youngest boarders.  My primary role is to ensure the boarding routines and systems are running well within the boarding houses. I am a member of the Enrichment Team which allows me to ensure the students lives are enriched through our after school activity program, leadership opportunities, prefect system and charity events. The team helps encourage students to take full advantage of the many opportunities offered by the College.  I am based within the boarding environment and I also work with the students; assisting them with their daily boarding lives and supporting them where needed.

Where were you born?
Glasgow, Scotland

What was your favourite subject at school?

Do you have a favourite hobby?

Where is the best place you have visited?

What is your happiest memory from your time at Queen Ethelburga’s?
Every speech day – to see the successes of the students is heart warming.


Mr M. Howard

I have been working here at Queen Ethelburgas for 5 years now working in boarding and predominantly with Kings Magna students. In 2017 I joined the pastoral team giving me the opportunity to work with and support students across all year groups in the Collegiate. In addition, I have an important role assisting on the Child Protection team and I am the armed forces co-ordinator bringing with me 23 years’ experience of military service with the British Army. In my down time I enjoy nothing more than getting out and about with my camera shooting landscape photographs and have a real passion for travel photography.

Where were you born?
Jarrow, South Tyneside

What was your favourite subject at school?
Art & Motor Vehicle Technology

Do you have a favourite hobby?

Where is the best place you have visited?
Niagara Falls, Oman

What is your happiest memory from your time at Queen Ethelburga’s?
Watching students complete 6th form after looking after them since they were in Year 7.


Mrs L. Ennis

My name is Louise Ennis and I have just joined the Boarding Management Team after spending two years working in boarding at Queen Ethelburgas’ as a house tutor with KS4 girls.  Previously, I have worked in state schools in Food Technology, as a Cover Supervisor and Competitive House Leader. I am here to support students off all ages across the boarding houses and in school ensuring they are happy, safe and getting the most out of all the opportunities they are offered. I can often be found in the cookery room on a Saturday enabling students to learn new skills, spend time with their friends and produce lots of lovely food. Needless to say I love anything to do with food and enjoy being out and about in the countryside

Where were you born?
Basingstoke, Hampshire

What was your favourite subject at school? 
Home Economics

Do you have a favourite hobby? 
Reading and gardening

Where is the best place you have visited? 
Swanage – many happy memories of holidays with family and friends

What is your happiest memory from your time at Queen Ethelburga’s? 
One of my best times at QE was when my mentor group put origami shapes and positive messages on the boarders doors. The girls took it very seriously and really did surprise their peers and spread some happy vibes around the house


Miss E. Gibson

Hello, my name is Lizzie Gibson and I have worked at Queen Ethelburga’s since 2009.  I started here as an Assistant House Parent in Year 9 Girls and worked my way up to Head of House for KS4 Girls; which was lovely as I was with many of the girls for three years.   Before I came here I worked in catering and still enjoy cooking with students or for the Pastoral team!!  I have worked on the Pastoral Team for a few years now and enjoy the mix of school and boarding. I work mainly in KS5 , however, help out when necessary in all age groups.  When I am not at work I love to walk my dog, garden and read a lot.

Where were you born?   
Penrith, Cumbria

What was your favourite subject at school?
Maths and Physics – I hated sport!

Do you have a favourite hobby?
Dog walking, horse riding, cooking

Where is the best place you have visited?
India, when I went with QE to work in an orphanage

What is your happiest memory from your time at Queen Ethelburga’s?
The holidays! Only joking – it’s not really a memory – but the people that you meet, both staff and students that you stay in touch with long after they have left.

Boarding House Booklets 2019-20

Chapter House and Year 6 Booklet 2019-20

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