Why QE

We asked parents to tell us about their experiences of Queen Ethelburga’s. Here are some of the answers they gave...

Jayne Berger, parent of Charles Berger, aged 10, 2018

"Having come from a smaller school and having to look for another school after we moved areas, we were immediately impressed with the facilities of Queen Ethelburga’s.  

However, as a parent I was also aware of how large the school is and worried whether my son, aged 6, would cope with such a change.  

Now, four years later and the benefit of there being four separate parts to the school - I cannot believe the 10-year-old boy he has become! He was given support from the start, gained confidence and was nurtured by his teachers. The best decision we ever made." 

Parent of a year 13 student, 2018

"QE has provided my child with a rich learning environment whilst supporting the whole child.

"There is a strong pastoral element evident through the close connections with the teaching staff and support staff.  My child has also enjoyed a wide range of extra- curricular activities.

"The children are encouraged to be part of the whole school community and even as a day pupil enjoy all the school as to offer.  

"As a parent, the regular parent meetings and email contact with the teaching staff mean that I feel part of my child’s education and their learning journey."

Colleen Peters, parent of Erin Peters, year 13, 2018

"With Erin being a new Year 12 student to the school, she received an excellent induction service which introduced her to the positive and supportive culture of the school. This provided us as parents with the confidence that we had made the right school choice.  

With the schools' continuing support throughout the year Erin was able to achieve an equitable balance between her sporting requirements and academic work."

Parent of a year 8 and year 10 student, 2018

"We moved to England in 2012 following a visit to QE. We were blown away. Both my children have excelled at QE. QE was the only school who believed and trusted in my youngest child’s hearing impediment and gave us huge amounts of support. This is an amazing school, not just for the academic results but for all support given to students; to build their confidence as they grow, particularly when experiencing challenging situations along the way."

Sam Deighton, parent to Year 13 student, 2018

"I cannot express how thrilled we have been with every aspect of the school. The school grounds and facilities speak for themselves, and of course the teaching is exemplary.

"However, for us it has been the care and dedication shown by the staff to our daughter that has truly made the last four years so amazing."

Some more comments from our 2018 parent survey...

"We are really pleased and proud to see how our daughter has matured at school and all the support she has been given is excellent."  

"My son has flourished at the school and I don’t know any other 14 year old who loves school and enjoys being there."

"Just love this school! The
opportunities given to my daughter are immense!"

"We would recommend the school to our friends and family. We are very proud to have our children at QE. Our childrens’ achievements are impeccable and we've never had any issue with the school."  

"We live 50 minutes away and we were concerned about the impact of travelling - this has not been an issue. We appreciate the occasional boarding arrangements. We believe that the school offers so much more than more local independent schools."

"As parents we are really proud to have been a part of QE and to have seen how our daughter has matured in character, how well she has done with her education and hockey. A massive thank you to all at QE."