As one of the core subjects, science is studied by all students up to and including Year 11. They subsequently sit examinations in either separate disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics for three GCSE grades or in combined science, known as trilogy, for two GCSE qualifications.  

In the formative stages of their learning, in Years 7 and 8, significant emphasis is placed on developing students’ practical skills through their extensive participation in experimental work. This involves recording and analysis of their observations and data.  

The dedicated facilities at QE enable the students to conduct experiments which underpin the course content throughout all Key Stages. The thoughtful design of the laboratories provides students increasing independence to plan, record, analyse and evaluate their work under the guidance of their teachers. Indeed, this carefully constructed pathway acts as an excellent platform for those students who wish to pursue their interests in science at A Level.  

In Years 12 and 13 students are taught by a team of experienced and well qualified practitioners who prepare them for pre-university qualifications. This opens up opportunities for them in the full range of pure and applied fields of study available at the country’s leading higher education institutions. 

Science Class