Modern Foreign Languages

The modern foreign languages department is a dynamic, friendly and mutually-supportive department which has an important role in encouraging students to broaden their horizons and aspirations.

Students begin learning French at Reception, and as they progress through the school have the opportunity to learn German, Spanish and Chinese alongside French through interactive, lively and fun lessons.

The emphasis in Chapter House is very much on speaking and listening, and learning though games, mime and song. As students advance though the Key Stages, they gain a full understanding of the grammar and linguistic structures needed to succeed in the languages they have chosen.

We aim to raise students’ awareness of other cultures and the world beyond their experience by showing students how small the world has become, and how more than one language can better equip them within it.

As a department we are well equipped with a dedicated language lab where students can access authentic materials and practise their listening techniques. A high proportion of our teachers are native speakers of the language they teach.

A Level students' prospects of success are boosted by individual lessons every week with the foreign language assistant for their language, whose input is invaluable not only in raising attainment, but also in enhancing cultural awareness.