Mathematics is an essential skill for everyday life and understanding our world.  

The mathematics department takes the whole school ethos to be the best that I can with the gifts that I have as its model and aims to provide an environment where students, working in partnership with staff, can achieve their full potential.

Students are supported to understand mathematics at each Key Stage so they can be creative in solving problems, as well as being confident and fluent in developing and using the mathematical skills so valued in the world of industry and higher education.  

We teach mathematics to all ages and cover in the early Key Stages a broad curriculum rather than specialise. The topics we cover are: number, algebra, geometry and statistics and where possible we try to incorporate the use of information and communication technology in to our lessons.  

We encourage students to question why a result is true, so that they become better independent learners and can reflect on their own needs through the development of a culture of self-assessment.