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The humanities department aim to provide our learners with an understanding of the world they live in both locally and globally, how it has been shaped and the important issues facing us as we look to the future.

Through dynamic teaching of history and geography we delve into the past, the present and the future, we travel around the world from our classrooms, and we take the students to unknown places whilst exploring the world’s most important ideas.

By involving students in current affairs, we promote the idea of questioning our past and reflecting our place in today's world. Whilst inspiring a thorough academic study of the subjects in the classroom, we also encourage the students to broaden their understanding with field trips and visits to the surrounding area.

Throughout all Key Stages, students are encouraged to voice their own opinions and learn to be respectful of those of others. In geography, theme-based topics like earthquakes and volcanoes are mixed with real world location studies. In history, students study a range of time periods and important key events that still resonate in the modern world such as World War II and the Holocaust. Relevant skills of enquiry, interpretation and application are developed alongside content to prepare for external examinations.

The humanities department seek to challenge students to achieve the highest levels of progress. Lessons are both interesting and dynamic. We aim to prepare our students for the full range of experience that the world has to offer. This includes not only the world of work, but cultural enrichment and an enhanced understanding of humanity.

Geography Field Trip