The English department encourages each learner to be proactive in the development of their individual abilities in the subject, and beyond.

Through the study of both language and literature, skills are developed that are subject specific yet applicable to life-long learning. Learners are encouraged to explore the use of language in their writing, in a variety of forms. They draft and re-draft, supporting each other and developing confidence in their ability to express thoughts and feelings accurately and effectively. 

Through reading a range of literature (prose, drama and poetry), as well as non-fiction texts, learners are encouraged to understand issues that reflect the variety of human experience, to reflect and develop personal opinions using skills of analysis and evaluation. Students are encouraged to express their opinions in writing and in speech, listening to each other in a considerate and thoughtful manner.

The department encourages learners to develop independence and resilience, through supportive yet challenging lessons that draw upon their experience and the experience of others. Electronic resources are provided – from other providers as well as our own resources.  

Awards for creative writing, speaking, reciting poetry provide different yet enjoyable challenges, along with the annual visit of SkyBlue Theatre and visits to external productions.

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