Creative Arts

The creative arts department at Queen Ethelburga’s combines the skills and resources of the Art and Design department and the Design and Technology department to offer a fantastic learning experience and a range of subject routes that go beyond the traditional subject choices.

Art & Design

Art and Design 

Students are introduced to art very early in the school and are encouraged to explore their creativity through a range of 2D and 3D media and to experiment with analogue and digital approaches to realising their artistic intentions.

Through Key Stage 3 these skills are developed through a wide range of stimulating tasks and, because of the experience, many students choose to continue to GCSE level study and beyond.

A large range of well-equipped rooms staffed by experts in their specialist areas offer routes through fashion, fine art, photography and 3D craft allowing students to choose from many different areas of focus from sculpture and painting to architecture and jewellery.  They have the freedom to explore their creativity in accommodation that is inspirational and well-resourced, and the work produced, which is often award winning, adorns the corridors around the school inspiring the next generation of artists and designers.

Design & Technology

Design and Technology

Students are introduced to Design and Technology in Key Stage 2 but really begin their creative journey in Year 6 where they are introduced to the concept of a full design and make project incorporating traditional making skills with CAD and 3D printing.

As they progress through Key Stage 3 they undertake a variety of design contexts in a range of materials and tasks that cover 3D drawing, problem solving, CAD, CAM and rapid prototyping. These projects are carefully planned to cover the requirements of the National Curriculum and much of what is needed to prepare for success at GCSE.

With three well-equipped rooms with CAD and workshop facilities, students can realise their ideas in prototype form while learning about designing for real clients and genuine market needs and wants. Our goal is to prepare students for a life in design and engineering while also providing valuable life skills in an environment that is stimulating and fun!

Students can study a range of different skills from woodworking and metalwork to fashion and textiles and 3D crafts.

Art and Design at QE