Chapter House

“Our aim is to provide the most supportive learning environment for each pupil, so that individuals develop the skills and knowledge they need to thrive and are fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities in the next stage of their education. 

We are focused on encouraging every one of our pupils to achieve their full potential, whatever their talents and abilities, and we pride ourselves on enabling our children to become confident, independent and enthusiastic members of the QE community.”

Head of Chapter House, Karen Kilkenny

Chapter House is a vibrant and engaging school with a warm family atmosphere. Children are welcomed from three months old and stay with us until Year 5, allowing them to build strong relationships with fellow pupils and their teachers.

In the early years, class sizes are small and each child has a Key Person within their room who is responsible for their wellbeing. Key Persons regularly contribute to a unique online Learning Journal, giving parents an insight into their experiences and development at Chapter House and enabling parents to add memories of their own. This is in addition to our parents’ evenings and end of term reports. 

Higher up the school, staff are focused on equipping children with the means to learn, explore and develop ideas. Children are given a strong foundation in the core subjects, in a happy, active, fun and safe learning environment. They are also exposed to a wider range of subjects, and activities outside the curriculum, in which they can develop creative and practical abilities, build their confidence and nurture their enjoyment of learning. Pupils in Year 5 can apply for Prefect roles to instil a sense of responsibility and help them to develop leadership skills.

Chapter House has recently undergone internal and external refurbishments, to provide bright and flexible spaces to support more interaction for different stages of learning and a smoother transition as children progress through the school. The new outdoor gated courtyard and discovery area is outstanding and a real joy for children to explore. 

In addition to this stimulating in-house environment, a number of educational visits and visitors to the school are arranged, designed to capture the pupils’ imaginations and stimulate their interest in the world around them. Children leave Chapter House and move into King’s Magna as independent and happy learners with a strong grounding in key subjects and ready for the exciting challenges ahead of them.

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