You are encouraged to participate in volunteering, both on-site and in the local community, whilst at Queen Ethelburga’s.

Volunteering provides fantastic opportunities to write about in your Personal Statement or to add experience to your CV.  

For those doing the Duke of Edinburgh, you must complete the volunteering section to achieve the award. In the past, some students have organised this section independently, or you can participate in organised volunteering activities at school.

Some examples of previous opportunities are:

  • Animal care
  • Assisting with school events – including, Outreach events with local schools and community groups
  • Beach cleans
  • Buddy and peer mentor schemes
  • Community projects, e.g. painting and maintenance work in local, national and overseas places.
  • Creating Christmas cards and writing letters to care home residents
  • Food bank collections
  • Hosting on-site inclusive sports events, such as the Panathlon Challenge in collaboration with North Yorkshire Inclusive Sports
  • Shipment container loading trips to a local charity which recycle mobility equipment before sending it overseas to countries in need
  • Supporting village events and local organisations, such as helping Ripon Cathedral prepare for their annual Candlemas Event
  • Helping in the school’s libraries
  • Chat to residents in local care homes and host games/quizzes for the residents
Certificate for 208 hours of volunteering from DofE

Volunteer Leader

If you are in Key Stage Four, you can become a Volunteer Leader. Leaders meet weekly to promote, plan and manage upcoming volunteering opportunities. They are also encouraged to promote volunteering with their peers.

Here’s what previous Volunteer Leaders have said about the volunteering opportunities they have participated in:

“I enjoyed being able to reach further than the classroom and visit the local community to help with an event. I not only felt proud, but it was also a nice break away from school. So, thank you for planning such a trip, and I hope everyone enjoyed it just as much as I did.” 

Some of our Volunteer Leaders have used their experience to apply for placements at local hospitals as Ward Liaison Volunteers. One of them said:

“It’s been great so far; I’ve met some amazing people in the hospital, including patients and staff. I have worked in the stroke ward, the Acute Medical Unit (AMU), and the maternity ward, which all contrast each other and it’s been an amazing experience so far.”