Enrichment Award

The King’s Magna Enrichment Award recognises, encourages and celebrates Years 6 to 9 students’ participation in activities and experiences in and out of school.

There are five Enrichment categories; click on the icons to find out more information:

Students can achieve the Bronze, Silver or Gold Enrichment Award, dependent on how many activities, experiences and opportunities they have participated in throughout the two phases of the award. Phase One runs from September to December and Phase Two runs from January to June. Students are welcome to change and try different activities when moving from Phase One to Phase Two.

Category Certificates

The Enrichment Award also recognises those students who have a special interest in a specific category. Students can achieve a Category Certificate for participating in at least three activities from one category. For example, a student who attends dance, yoga, hockey and swimming clubs each week would achieve a Health Category Certificate.

If you would like further information about the Enrichment Award, please contact QEActivities@qe.org.

Student holding the Enrichment Award