Combined Cadet Force

The Combined Cadet Force is a uniformed youth organisation for students in Years 8 and above. Many of the activities offered by the CCF are focused on developing personal responsibility, leadership and self-discipline through a broad range of challenging, adventurous and educational activities outside of the classroom. 

There are many reasons to join CCF, even if you’re not from a military background. Becoming a cadet gives students life skills in first aid and navigation, as well as improving students’ teamwork, confidence, leadership and self-reliance skills.

Cadets meet weekly for parade afternoon which provides training activities, such as:

  • Drill
  • Marksmanship 
  • Leadership 
  • Command Tasks 
  • Flying 
  • Fieldcraft 
  • First Aid 
  • Navigation 
  • Adventurous training, e.g. mountain biking, paddle boarding, climbing, kayaking
Students and instructor paddle boarding on a river

Residential Training Opportunities

One of the highlights for Cadets are the training weekends provided by Queen Ethelburga's at a discounted rate. Staying at a camp gives students the chance to make new friends, complete training qualifications and try various activities in a safe environment.

Find out what trips are available this academic year on our Residential Trips page.

Yorkshire Regiment and Royal Air Force

Queen Ethelburga’s CCF has an Army Section (Yorkshire Regiment) and a Royal Air Force Section. 

Students training in the Army Section will focus on soldiering skills such as weapon handling, patrolling, navigation at night and learning to operate outside overnight.

Whereas RAF cadets will have the option to study the principles of flight, communicate via radios and learn how to fly. 

Although activities vary between the two sections, there is still a large crossover of activities for cadets to be involved in.

Cadet in a plane

Pearson BTEC Vocational Qualification

Queen Ethelburga's CCF offers students the opportunity to enrol on vocational qualifications led by the education charity CVQO. The qualifications are nationally recognised, providing cadets support when applying for university and jobs.

From age 13, students can qualify for the Pearson BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Teamwork, Personal Skills, and Citizenship. This qualification recognises basic CCF skills, e.g. drill, teamwork and fieldwork.

At 16, cadets can enrol in the Pearson BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community. Students develop a wide variety of skills, including effective communication, career planning and leadership. The Level 2 Award is an ideal qualification for strengthening higher education or future job applications. 

Learn more about the organisation and BTEC awards by visiting the CVQO website.

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